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I'm Az. I'm making a visual novel. This is my first ever project of this kind and I hope you folks enjoy it. Anyways... onto the particulars:


You're a nineteen year old dude who just spent four years in juvenile detention. Today's the day of your release. But you're still under a six month probation period, so you can't do whatever the heck you want just yet.

You get assigned to a halfway house way out in the boonies to learn a thing or two about being an adult. After all your were just fifteen years old when they put you away. And in juvie, they don't exactly teach you anything about dealing with the outside world.

So you're thinking to yourself you're shit outta luck being shoved from one crap hole to another. Outside, your friendly neighborhood probation officer is waiting to drive you to your new home. Is the new place gonna be as bad as you think?

Well, you have to play the game to find out. Or you could just read the rest of this post to get some idea of what to expect.


The following five are the main characters you'll interact with in this game. These guys have relationship stats tracking.



This is Samantha. She's the caretaker and owner the halfway house. She's a nice older lady and your potential mother figure. She also handles the mandatory counselling sessions to help you out with the multitude of emotional issues you're sure to have. She's the first person you meet when you get there.



This is Ashley or Ash to her friends. She's a fellow resident of the halfway house. I think she's a little older than you. I'm not really sure, she just tells me to shut the hell up when I ask. She's a tough, self assured lady, who won't take any shit from anyone. Thinks a little too highly of herself though. But don't worry I'm sure you'll be able to handle her just fine... Probably.



This is Emily or Em to her friends. This girl is the most important character in the game. She's your potential love interest. You can do all kinds of shit with other girls of course, this is a porn game after all but this character is the only one you'll form a deep emotional bond with plot wise. She's the same age as you. Nice, sweet girl. Kind and loyal to her friends. But she's got a nasty temper and will kick your butt if you piss her off. So be nice. Oh, and before I forget, she hates perverts.

Officer Monroe:


This is Officer Monroe. Your Probation Officer. He's the first character you'll meet and he'll explain some basic plot points for you. He's a nice old bugger who's also not so secretly in love with Samantha. He's charge with monitoring your progress and will cart you straight back to juvie if you break the rules one too many times. So you better make friends with him.



This is Luis or Lou to his friends. He's the only other male resident. He's been there for ages and is actually no longer under a probationary period. He's free to leave anytime but decide to pay rent and stay while he looks for a full time job. Is he a good guy? A jerk? Potential rival? Placed in the game so I can set up some NTR goodness? Who knows? Play the game to find out. Ha, ha.


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Fuck, Samantha is hideous... XD

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shh, the stretched-out-biker-mole fans will attack you 

is the game abandoned or smth???pr will thre be an update soon?

look at update history, past updates have taken over a year each.


Can you get them all to corruption? I want to see how optimized my earlier attempts were before I delete the wrong things.

Also how long does a new update need maybe? I really liked it and I got trough a bunch of the games that I could call good already and a huge amount of bad amateur stuff.

Is this the end of the game then?


Six episodes in, my biggest problem is that the MC is frustrating with his thought process and how big of a degenerate he is. I can understand perving to an extent, but some of the thoughts and actions have been just frustrating and show zero self restraint, and it doesn't look like he's learning much or showing personal growth which is something I'd really hoped for. Rather than making it seem like he chars about any of the girls in the story, it feels like he just cares about their bodies.

Overall, however, the plot line has been fine and I enjoy the way the characters have been written... mostly. There are some frustrating things, but I think it's largely a matter of preference.


Yes, he's staying like a constant 14 year old boy, not developing. If it was in real life there'd have been many a woman crushed his nuts for him.

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he has spent the entire emotional-development part of this life behind bars. kinda expected. dev has written a very realistic character. wouldnt be surprised if its from experience.
every crim ive ever met has been extremely childish, and usually resort to childish behaviour, like disrespect, tantrums, violence etc..
maybe that explains why the updates take so long - dev is back behind bars again :D 

how many crims have you met? and what kind of job do you have that you meet many crims in, also you probably met the ones who didnt give a damn if they got thrown back in the slammer or not, who have been in and out since their teenage years repeatedly not the ones who truly regret their actions and wanted to reform themselves

how many crims - quite a few
what kind of job - irrelevant, i met them socially.
the ones who truly regret their actions - non-existent. frustration at outcomes is not remorse

Can you already say how much there is supposed to be? I kinda don't want it to end anytime soon and don't mind some sort of season 2 or something in chase this ends up in a harem or something. Not sure how this is set up but so far you can go after anyone I think.

I just looking for a reason for this to continue. It's one of the games where the mood, jokes and whatever works even if I do not like the burps and stuff. 

Some just can't hear stuff I suppose, not my fault i mean it's the only reason I can think of I earned a downvote before.

Well maybe I'm ignoring the weaknesses, but the more I play the more fun it is. Still I'm a bit affraid I will soon reach a point where i wish i could unfluence more.


Out of curiosity, is there a walkthrough available?

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I kind of love the humor here and I got to really like Luis and that other guys character model despite thinking otherwise first. I guess being written really well and stuff just makes it work.

I could do without the buprs though. I feel like I have a reason for hating that, but no nows not the time.

Based on the downvote someone seems to hate the game.


This a great game. Light hearted well written interpersonal teen drama that feels alive due to believeable character interactions and exchanges. My only complaint is the mc looks like a creep so the alternative views that show him come out cringey or funny while Samantha looks 10 years older than her friends cause she's the only one sporting wrinkles even though they all went to high school together.

I felt the adult part was lacking only after finishing it cause i was too busy enjoying the story. 

What should I know about these bonus episodes? Also i know I'm at the wrong place for that, but are there actually any good horror games on here?

AVN with horror theme or just purely horror games

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Any avn with horror or list of avn like this that doesn't have a sandbox?


Came in expecting lots of kinky stuff. But this game really surprised me with its story and characters. Two thumbs up!


Hey Az, I absolutely love the game.  Just wanted to know how many total episodes will there be after the game is finished. Thanks, take care bro beans.

73. one released every 18 months.


The game is being worked on, check the patreon

Is there a Discord for this?

Probably if you are a patron through Patreon


I extracted the game now it doesnt open, is it because i use win 7?



I thought the game was being updated today i hope everything is ok

genuinely ask but is this game contains sex scenes? 

It really depends on how you play your cards! It's really interesting!!! Go and try it out!

bro no matter what i do i can't get emily to ''feed it to me'' i have her cp max and her fp is really high but i keep missing her checks.can someone help

Used to have that problem too try focusing on raising only one meter either cp or fp


I kinda wish it wasn't so either good or bad. Uhhhmm would that have made me miss the Ashleys scene? I'm not to sure where I went wrong or if I care to much.

wen emily asks what happened in the shower tell her everything it has no effect on emily and u wont skip the emily scene

the whole points system is out of whack. you cant play a "natural" playthrough without killing all the extra content pathways. the choices are very unintuitive too. this may be the first game out of 100's i've played where a hints system is actually an essential feature that is missing from the game.


Hey man, since i've reached the end of the last update, i'm dying to know if you can tell us, the next one is close now, or it will take some more months?

Amazing story, keep up man, tks.

Great novel, I really enjoyed your work, especially the well-defined characters

I loved the story and the characters were pretty balanced. You have to work to get Sam and Ashley's arc was a pleasant surprise. The only problem was that there isn't more, or the ability to carry on in Sandbox mode with relationships as they were at the end point. 

Keep up the good work. 


Does it have anal scenes?

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I love it! good story, great characters writing & superb chars models.
Keep up the good work, I'll support your patron as soon as I can.


Dude, what is your obsession with making "choices" that are just ONE option? More work for you, and aggravating for me.

Also, where in the hell is the "skip" button? You make a game with branching paths, an utterly ridiculous number of points checks, and NO WAY to skip re-reading all of that pathetic, juvenile dialogue. Or are you under the impression that the writing is strong enough that people will want to re-read it a dozen times? Or maybe you are just trying to give people Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by forcing them to click the mouse a couple of trillion times.

Great design decisions, I say sarcastically. I made it all the way to 'Episode 4' before I quit trying to find out if this whiny little MC would finally grow a pair.


Hi, if you're playing on a PC, just hit Tab, else it would be easier if you mentioned the platform used.


its his first game....theres no need to be such a jerk abt it, if u dont like the game uninstall and move on.

If on PC you can also hold right ctrl to skip


Looks like you never created a game !!! In my game I'm creating atm I have sometimes three choices to choose from but only if you had picked up or chosen some certain pathway, so the option comes up. For example, If you go way 1 than 2 it gives you 2-3 options but if you go way 2 than 1 it gives you only one as you do not meet the requirements to get more options.

But as simply already said, don't like it delete it! 


Any idea on if/when the next version will be available?




I'm not sure how to say this but Ashley looks enough like Cillian Murphy in a way that I'm not sure how I feel about

Good game though


Who is Cillian Murphy, and why should that be disturbing?


Tomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders, the Peaky fookin' Blinders!


Maybe you are just becoming aware of hidden desires!


Brilliant game fully recommend for anyone who enjoys AVNs!

Se que no podría ir mucho con la dinámica del juego , pero hay que considerar que es demasiado sexi la doctora kineida. Personalmente adoro sus apariciones y la rivalidad con Emily, te suplico de rodillas saca más contenido de ella el que sea posible 


Whats the time table for the next release?


The character portraits no longer load here.
When I copy their link and paste it, it still loads just fine.

Maybe google had changed something about their image hosting?

Yeah, I'm facing the same issue


(2 edits)

Ugh... it's actually worse now.
It's not loading on the itch page AND now I can't get it to load when I try to load it directly.

It gives this error:

403. <ins>That’s an error.</ins> Your client does not have permission to get URL /BYO7L8HjFI0n7duCX57FxJp7AL8Bqb43tlBzSBrgVi1CZ5iMpb_vqUI0x_JTAOHLe-6qBQQF9wTqM_EMdnxBe_Ow5IRaRhx66vz0T2QyYx2FOXINwivB9OYebvay79IdDQ=w1280 from this server.

fixed again. Google keeps changing the rules on embedding images from a gdrive folder. 

Yup can confirm I can see them now. :-)
Thanks for fixing it!

Seems to be broken again.  :/  Low-end shared hosting starts at about $10 a month, so maybe you should just bite the bullet.  :-)



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I agree


I felt it was just one giant TEASE.. Don't get me wrong the visuals are pretty stellar and some sexy images within the scenes but it's way too limited. While quickly clicking through dialogue I literally kept saying "this game sucks."

read it, its about story telling but I haven't play it yet so I can't say much but read it


I did read it (at least into Episode 4 before giving up) and it absolutely DOES suck.

The MC spends all of his time thinking perverted thoughts, and then when faced with the option to act on them, he speaks like a prude, acts shy, and tries to c*ckblock himself.

You spend hours "corrupting" the girls, and then get told, "Slow down, let's re-evaluate what we're doing."

Because of the endless "points checks" you are forced to either miss scenes, or back up ad try again. If you DO back up, there is no skip button, so you have to spam the mouse to get back to where you were. And then the "scene" is just a couple of poses, or the MC jerking off.

The dev is OBSESSED with asses, and that's fine, but some angles of the girls where more than their backs are shown would be appreciated.

This game is a great study in how NOT to design a game.


If you play this game just to nut, you're not going to get into it. If you want an A-grade story this is the game for you. I love this game


I totally agree! This is one of a few AVNs that give you a quality story to work through that actually gets your attention and makes you want this character or that character to get ahead or come out on top of their situation. It is even better when this applies to ANY character in the game including the player MC. I really like games that make you feel what the characters are felling. Great job AZ!!! Keep it up!!


HAHAHA! This story is juvenile trash that should embarrass a dim witted 12 year old.

It's clear that the writer has never been closer to a woman than 'PornHub,' and learned the rules of consent from Twitch THOTs and militant lesbians.

Luckily for the writer, most people fully immersed in 21st century culture end up functionally retarded, and won't even notice.

So...enjoy your "A-grade" trash, I guess.


Man youre really all over these comments loudly proclaiming how much you dont like the game. Who tf cares? If you dont like it then move on. No one wants go read through all your cringy paragraphs where youre jerking off on the screen on how much you hate the game. Go play something else instead of crying about it. You dont like it, big whoop. Plenty of other people do. So go play a game you DO like and stop whining about this one. And you call other people retarded. Clearly you spend too much time playing porn games instead of talking to real people


Also whenever anyone replys they stay quiet. Seems like they're the pussy they keep saying the mc is. I bro is just a weirdo


I most sincerely apologize for not paying attention to what the pathetic fanboys had to say to me.

I must have missed the memo where I was told that it was obligatory to respond to every idiot on the internet.

I reply to the devs when they respond, but not to the ignorant masses. If you aren't important enough to catch my attention, that's not really my problem. I'm sure that your helicopter parents have told you that you are the most important human on the planet, however; I know those inbred idiots are liars.


For someone that didn't want to read my comments, you certainly spent enough time doing just that! lmao

I did move on. Did you miss that part while studying my previous comments extensively? Hmmm...must be that you are one of those functionally retarded children of whom I was lamenting.

I couldn't expect less.

(1 edit)

Oh hey look, the guy who hates this game to the point of jerking off on the screen whenever he sees a comment is back in the comment section of the game he hates so much. 

Clearly you didn't move on seeing as you're back here already trying to prove to everyone how much you hate the game and don't care about it. Yet here you are whining and crying again like the little baby you are. Mommy not give you enough attention?

Its so funny that you go on and on that you're so much smarter than everyone else cause you don't like a game that other people do. You're just another neckbeard whos only interaction with a woman is through a computer screen. Crawl back to your moms basement and let the important members of society have some peace and quiet away from your tantrums.


out of curiosity, but is this gonna continue


That's what I'd like to know. All the best AVNs seem to die, and the crappy one's get to 1.0!


I just saw a post on Az's Patreon on this one. He's working on EP 11. I'm not sure when or if it will make it here on Itch, though. But, by all appearances, it will continue.



Is that from Az's Patreon or not?


i am his wife. covid got him. funeral tomorrow

you are what? LOL


No, I'm not dead and the game isn't abandoned. I'm just slow. If there's ever a doubt whether I've abandoned the game or not just check my Patreon. No need to pledge either, there should be some updates or news on the game open to everyone there. I just don't put as much focus on community engagement and keeping everyone up to date as I probably should and what focus I do put in, is on Patreon, as that's where 95% of my earnings for this game comes from.  

I appreciate your reply, how would I locate your patreon as I don't see a link to it in game 


Bottom left in the game's main menu. Or enter "Az Patreon" on google

Maddy! Maddy! Maddy!

She is just like how I could imagine to have a big neighbor sister to be.

Of course the whole story is great. Really won't want to let any of these ladies down. Good people deserve good. So happy ending plzzz! Love you😘

(5 edits) (+1)

i finally got the main story anf 4 bonus packs downloaded, and in turn, i am uploading to archive,org, which has no limits/restrctions on size or speed downloads, and none of the problems itch.io and mega.nz had, and it is free and provides torrent downloads. I will update this with the url once i get everything worked out!( Az, i hope in the future, you will upload to archive.org--that's what it is for! a free archive of anything ever published on the internet.) My own future updates may include walkthroughs and other content / game tools, we'll see. (slight delay in uploading as i failed to include the main storyline....)

the repository on archive.org is partially in place, including *.torrent downloads: https://archive.org/details/halfway-house--adult-visual-novel . I am still working on a few things, such as virus scan info and file verification hashes, but the bulk is ready to go. te archive.org *.torrent downloads everything in the repository, to grab only specific files, you will have to browse and choose which files you want.


(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Hello sycopter, Thank you for the response.

Mega does usually offer better and cleaner downloads. As long as they pay the needed attention to the files they accept to the site. Mega will be a good site to upload the upcomming game updates for sure.


Yes. I too have subscribed to Mega.. There was a problem with one of their site updates that screwed up how Mega recognizes browsers and it was trying to force me to download their propriatary download manager which I do not need with my browser of choice. About 2 weeks ago they had another site update and this issue vanished. Now it is no longer telling me my "Chrome" browser (which it is NOT) does not have enough memory for downloads larger than 2gb. It is so nice to again be able to download up to 8 files larger than 4 GB at a time with each running at a respectible 10-12 MBS. I don't know what I would do without high speed cable internet.  

When the next update comes out is there any chance it may be offered for an option to download it from gofile? That download site does not appear to have ANY file size limitations and downloading is usually fairly fast with far less errors and file corruptions compared to other sites. PD has dropped their 20 gig limit to 10 gigs and now is limited to 5 gigs... All over the past year. I closed my account with them when I opened it to remove the 20 gig limit since many games are larger than that. Right after I opened it they dropped to 10... About a month after I closed it they dropped to 5.. I hate double standards and false promises.. Don't you all?


That's why I have been subscribing to Mega. It's very cheap compared to most of the shitty file hosts out there, you also get to keep your download quota when you renew.  I have something like 23TB quota, from subscribing for years.  The best part is they are better than the file hosts you have quoted, given the security on mega and your account.  I have a fairly large amount of storage, at 400gb.  I barely use it for storage, except when I need to upload my games back to my mega account, and then I can access and download them elsewhere. I used it mainly to download avn's from places like f95. Where there are needed mods for many of these avn's.   Let's put it this way, they are far cheaper than other hosts and your quota carries over year after year if you haven't spent it all, and give the average size of an avn is between 2/5gb.  You'll find most of the avn's are uploaded to places like mega on other avn sites. Your not limited to here to get this game.

Anyway the length of time it took to get episode 10 and the small size of it, after more than a year, and the really mentally challenged mc, I kind of gave up on it for the time being.  He couldn't even be assed to put a christmas special out that didn't need to be part of the story.

I uploaded to archive,org, so no more mega.nz needed, or need for gofile. archive.org has a huge amount of file space and bandwidth for archives, and is very solid, stable, and completely free (oly yearly donation events to raise money for costs...)



Great graphics but I wish this was a game. Endless dialogues with hardly any possibility to interact.

wish i could play game in browser


You can play this in a browser here -> Halfway House episode 1-10  hope this helps you.

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