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I'm Az. I'm making a visual novel. This is my first ever project of this kind and I hope you folks enjoy it. Anyways... onto the particulars:


You're a nineteen year old dude who just spent four years in juvenile detention. Today's the day of your release. But you're still under a six month probation period, so you can't do whatever the heck you want just yet.

You get assigned to a halfway house way out in the boonies to learn a thing or two about being an adult. After all your were just fifteen years old when they put you away. And in juvie, they don't exactly teach you anything about dealing with the outside world.

So you're thinking to yourself you're shit outta luck being shoved from one crap hole to another. Outside, your friendly neighborhood probation officer is waiting to drive you to your new home. Is the new place gonna be as bad as you think?

Well, you have to play the game to find out. Or you could just read the rest of this post to get some idea of what to expect.


The following five are the main characters you'll interact with in this game. These guys have relationship stats tracking.


This is Samantha. She's the caretaker and owner the halfway house. She's a nice older lady and your potential mother figure. She also handles the mandatory counselling sessions to help you out with the multitude of emotional issues you're sure to have. She's the first person you meet when you get there.


This is Ashley or Ash to her friends. She's a fellow resident of the halfway house. I think she's a little older than you. I'm not really sure, she just tells me to shut the hell up when I ask. She's a tough, self assured lady, who won't take any shit from anyone. Thinks a little too highly of herself though. But don't worry I'm sure you'll be able to handle her just fine... Probably.


This is Emily or Em to her friends. This girl is the most important character in the game. She's your potential love interest. You can do all kinds of shit with other girls of course, this is a porn game after all but this character is the only one you'll form a deep emotional bond with plot wise. She's the same age as you. Nice, sweet girl. Kind and loyal to her friends. But she's got a nasty temper and will kick your butt if you piss her off. So be nice. Oh, and before I forget, she hates perverts.

Officer Monroe:

This is Officer Monroe. Your Probation Officer. He's the first character you'll meet and he'll explain some basic plot points for you. He's a nice old bugger who's also not so secretly in love with Samantha. He's charge with monitoring your progress and will cart you straight back to juvie if you break the rules one too many times. So you better make friends with him.


This is Luis or Lou to his friends. He's the only other male resident. He's been there for ages and is actually no longer under a probationary period. He's free to leave anytime but decide to pay rent and stay while he looks for a full time job. Is he a good guy? A jerk? Potential rival? Placed in the game so I can set up some NTR goodness? Who knows? Play the game to find out. Ha, ha.


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I love this game bro keep up the good work. Loving the characters and behaviors of each an every prson that shows up in it, from the half way house residents to the doctors,hooker and Lexingtons. Also let's not forget about the bartender girl she is smoking hot, hopefully in the future we can possibly do something with her along with the Cafe lady.


Not gonna lie. This is beta male, simp type bs. There's no way someone like that main character can get anything wet. You are a good writer though. Good plot. But any guy letting women talk to them like that, doesn't deserve any respect from them.


Emily best girl.

what phone do y'all use??

Note 9


Love this game n the storyline.  You get so attached to these characters.  Still waiting patiently for the next update.


So is this a harem avn,or Just choose 1 love interest type? If it is latter i m getting serious ntr vibes even dev confirms it,and since no harem means dev can put any girl having sex with any dude and will still say,it's not NTR since she isn't li anymore.


Stuck at Advisory Warning screen, I can't even get to the main menu screen. Any help?

I love this game! However, episodes should come out way faster... Plus, I'd love to see Emily get looser and closer with us and maybe start getting into a relationship...? It's a bit slow paced for how long it takes for a new episode.

a chapter every 10 months, you go from bad to worse, be honest with yourself and leave the project, above all stop sucking money from your patreons for nothing.

Ícono de validado por la comunidad



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Wow, that's kinda really rude. 

I personally am enjoying the progression. Maybe it's not coming out fast enough for you, but I'm fairly certain that the people working on this project have lives and jobs besides this that they have to take care of. 

If you don't like it or you have constructive criticism to give, that's fine, but you don't have to be such an ass about it. Unless you're out there making your own game, giving people the option of naming their own price, and making sure it's a quality game while cranking out the chapters faster than the production of this one, maybe find something more constructive to say next time, yeah? Considering you can't do it yourself...

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I think he's being too nice actually, considering how lazy this dev is,and a constant lier on top of that too,and just milking his patreon for over more than two years without doing a damn work,it's very nicest way possible to say something like this.

He isn't saying anything wrong,and if dev think it's wrong thinking about him then ask him to come out and say what's he actually doing,i know he won't be  just busy counting his 'hard'(lying lazy and doing nothing) earned money and chilling,he would be hard working to realease next chapter with over 2000 render(that amount is average given time taken by him)

I feel sad for guys like you who not only support like these cheapskate and lazy ass Dev's but also defend them when they don't deserve their kindness at all.

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It won't let me play it


looking forward to more episodes or a second season great game great story looking forward to more characters 


Thanks for your hardwork bro hope you can develope this game more, please add eps 10 ASAP and dont end the game bro you are the best, RESPECT

the ladies are hot af on god ngl
but the vn's quite the slow burn
and there're no animations just GIFs at 2 frames per second (lol)
6.75 blue balls / 10 bazongas no cap


Quite possibly the slowest AVN I've experienced. I guess that's neither bad or good, but just got through all 9 available chapters and I'm the opposite of satisfied. I guess I'll just forget about this for another year and see where it's at then.  It's no biggie, I've already waited 3 years to get this far.

Man that's some hardcore blue ball right there. Your sacrifice saved me time. Thank you comrade!


Oh yeah, they were sore after this one. lol. It's not a bad game though, the characters are endearing. Emily is cute as hell. It's just the nature of the beast with these games, that's why I try to wait for a few chapters to come out. Seems like they're building up to some good stuff soon though.

Well in the mean time...  https://f95zone.to/threads/games-that-focus-on-sweet-and-cute-relationships-like...

And the daughter from Hillside might be your taste. Not a redhead but similar facial renders. Good luck!


I salute you, good sir.

He's the best

Still no update?


There's no sex in it, just a dude jacking his dick, pissing and talking to topless dudes, not for straight men or people who enjoy sex, it's for boys who eant to be teased but not actually touch the girls in any way shape or form, by chapter 3 you understand why everyone is leaving comments saying it's for cucks


just not your type of game, some people like games with slower progression with more story.


I consider myself those 'some people' and have been enjoying it, however, after 3 years of waiting it's really annoying

He's milking the shit out of this game.

No, looking at dicks and topless dudes is certainly not my type of game lol you're not wrong buddy

I mean, if you go down the Ashley path you get a good number of sex scenes, and they start in the early episodes. But Emily is so cute, so I understand people wanting to move faster with her. But the game is trying to tell a relatively grounded story, so I understand the developer not wanting to let the mc suddenly seduce her, given she has no experience.

So same typical story you either wait till end to marry a innocent one to have some sort of intimate moments with her,or rather fuck a slut,who is pretty much used and thrown toy,and then build a relationship with her hoping she will stop whoring around with every random guy?

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Hello, love the game! I'm still a student so a moral support is all I can give :3

Ps. Emily best girl!

Pps. I was wondering what's the name of the main song on the menu, I like it

Song is Marisa Law - Will You Wait :-)

Thanks! :3


Has the developer been online at all just wanna see if he's ok 


Surely this game isn't flagged NTR, I never experienced any NTR at all. Strong characters each with well thought out backgrounds. One of the best written stories. I really want to know if Samantha is an ex adult movie star???

Deleted 36 days ago

Tell you what Chad, I don't want to hear your BS comments and i'd mute you if it's possible because your nothing but a little twerp with anger issues and a serious negative attitude. What a doofus. This VN is one of the better VN's out there.

Deleted 36 days ago

I defer. Everything your saying is one teenage homone fueled spit of vileness towards this game and you have been doing so over the last 3 months as if your monitoring this page just to prevent readers from downloading this VN. Responses to your comments are majority negative and what you say has nothing to do with what I have downloaded and played here. This dev is no different than most other devs in using Patreon and has obviosly put a lot of time and work into this VN already and we are all privledged to be able to get free tasters. I even contributed to the devs financial pocket.  There is no  NTR (usually avoidable anyway) as of yet in the game and if there is later on then it will all fall into the story of the MC and his housemates. As im not of an inexperienced young teenage mind I look for good aspects in games on the creative writing side and this particular theme in this VN is one I haven't seen before and it is well written and the visuals are very good. As chad referenced cucks, I don't think he knows what one is because there aint none in this game! Anyway Chad, I blocked you now, you chat nonsense.

Deleted 36 days ago

I cant get it to skip, any ideas

lol you can only skip UNREAD dialogue bro. 

Deleted 36 days ago

lol definitely not you obviously havent played past the 1st ch.

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God i dont know if i should download this game

its either peoples who hated the game or loved it in the comments


just play it. most of these people are just being trolls

Deleted 47 days ago
Deleted 36 days ago
(2 edits)

Just in case you didn't realize that wasn't the dev that you replied to

Edit: realized I misread your comment, you were agreeing with the above comment and I'm an idiot.

Deleted 36 days ago

lol look above silly boy


no you were right he is an idiot


lol  learn to take a joke. ive played thru all 9 current chs, and there isnt a lick of NTR

Deleted 36 days ago

it obviously a joke

Hello and blessings….Will this play on iPhone and will it give me anything different other than normal pornographer material?. Hope to be able to look at artwork and control your characters with all manner of sexual activities Be well

When is the next update or chapter ?


So I really like this game but I am frustrated with failing a lot of checks with Emily. I restarted a few times trying to get it right but I was always too low on one stat or another for certain checks.

same here 


You either have to go love or corrupt route with her (not sure if it was called corrupt in the game but you get the point). You can't have both paths at the same time without mods.

Ah okay makes sense, thanks.

Check out the walkthrough or walkthrough mod https://f95zone.to/threads/halfway-house-ep-9-az.33607/



I love it. Waiting for 'the' moments. Is there an update coming? Do I need to pay again for the updates? Please add chapters. Really like it. 


Your MC is dumb, and you have no much choices to do in story.


The mc is supposed to be dumb then he gets smart over time it was literally showing in the later chapters.

Deleted 36 days ago

lol actually they do. play more than the 1st few chs.


This was the first visual novel I ever played. Going in I didn't expect any adult VN to have a story of any substance, but the story here blew me away. It's many months later and now I've played at least 100 VNs, and this one is still among the best. 

I'm really excited for the release of episode 10!


You keep bringing out bonus editions. Surely this slows finishing the main game, so when is this game ever going to get finished?

(1 edit)

Kinda lame question, but is there a 32-bit exe for this game? I've played about 8 games from this and other sites using the Renpy engine (or whatever this is called), and each one had a 32-bit version of the exe that worked for my old computer (using it due to the little bit of lewd in this game). I would normally move on to another game if I ran into an issue like this, but...really interested in the context and how good I'm hearing the story is from the other comments. Just wanted to check the game's options before setting up another hardware option. Thanks!

I think renpy discontinued 32bit support in version 8 of their engine.


Hello to the creator of this game.

I have been an enthusiast for erotic games for quite some time now, and I was blessed to ever download this game. I want to tell how this game changed my standard of erotic visual novel, and visual novels themselves.

When I first downloaded the game, I expected less, to be honest. I expected that this game will just be a sexually dominant game, made for people who just thinks of beating their meat every minute of everyday. But you had proved me wrong.

I am quite impressed on how you manage to put vivid realism about the characters' perspectives, the story was well-narrated, the deliberation of plot twists were impactful for me, the most notable for me is the romance that goes on in the story, rather than the erotic.

Based on my perspective as a player, the erotic scenes justifies the "passion" element in romance. But the downside of the MC is just he think about his dick rather than to dive deep into the girls' lives, building strong bonds with them. I just think the downside of this is the MC is over-perverted.

Graphic-wise, it is superb and breathtaking. Makes me want to wish I was there, because of how clean and fresh it is inside the game's universe. The color grading is perfect. To my eyes, the game was aesthetically pleasing. It made me fell in love too with the character design, the details, the face, the body. It was not like a "copy-paste" mechanism, that's how you know you made this game with serious effort and passion.

I played this game back in April 15, 2022 and finished a week later.

This game and all of its elements has a special place in my heart.

This game for me belongs to the S tier, 9.9/10

Hey, I'm waiting for the 10th episode onwards. Please don't abandon this game, please? We'll all be waiting, no matter how long!

much love,



Das Spiel ist super, nur schade das es keine Update mehr gibt.

Sie haben eine super Arbeit geleistet.

Great game really love the characters, just curious when the next update will be


Seems he is more interested in bonus editions. He's just released the third one.

Yea it really does seem that way, thank you for replying though.

lol not even the 3rd has been out for months.


Yes, but it's still 3 bonus editions, taking up time when the next update could have been worked on!


hey dude great work i came here to download these kind of games to basicly masturbate but your game kinda was interesting enough that even though it had way less lewd scenes it made me to stick around and finish it until episode 9. hope you continue your amazing work and iam gonna ask why dont you put this game in steam? i wanted to support you but i kinda live in a country that dosent have international banking in it sistem.this game is good enough in my opinion that if you put it in steam  it will be very popular and it will save me from constently checking this page for updates on your game and gives me a way to suport you easier.


Yes basically here on the site so I can masturbate over something different. Please 🙏🏾 let me know if there is anything on the site. Hope to hear from you soon 👌 I’m so getting hard but I don’t no anything


I get an error when I try opening the ep1-9 version on Mac. Just goes to a window that looks like this. 

(27 edits) (+2)(-11)

2 Questions and my opinion. (hope you respect the feedback as it comes from a hardcore gamer, that enjoys games and a more of a sandbox game style)

I do have a legit question, why is the male protag. such a dumb a$, whimp, sc*mbbag? who can't keep a damn word he promises,  this sort of portrait of the male char, is why women thing men think about nothing but tits, ass and sex.

I mean really,  the male protag is too stupid to make his own breakfirst with 1 hand?? or a drink? or take the plates out, or help hang the washing up?  he is too stupid to do anything but beat off.
and what sort of perv. copy's pictures from another person's computer. that's just sick

(before you say it was for the P.O.  then why did he look through ALL of the pictures and focus on the more.. inappropriate ones more, then the lost friend of emily, and how would he know that its the lost friend?)

I broke my arm in 4 places. and I still did all that and MORE, this male protag is horse manure.

and i am being polite here.

there are only 2 saving graces in the games.
the teasing jokes and the HALF decent graphics.
(i won't ask why the male protag keeps changing colours more then a clown has on his outfit,  like the dude changes  from white to almost very shade in between to black, and then the spelling, I'm dyslexic and I caught over 50 spelling mistakes, and I will not even ask what is up with the floating objects in the game... I do want to know where they bought there plates, furniture and such thoe..  i mean that crap floats from scene to scene almost as much as the male protag changing colours)

from episode? 3.  and i have to be honest the male protag piss'd me off so much.. i did nothing but deny everything from point onwards.

I mean the male protag is a total moron, IF.. and I mean IF.. a woman confides in you on the terms that you say nothing, and give no advice or anything, that means she doesn't want any,  Soo then why the F. is the male protag giving it.?

he wanted to steal a glance..  and i was like "hell no, dude, you need to go and die in a hole somewhere"

and why does the player not get options to break other promises?
I mean he watched pr0n on emilys laptop? so why can't the player be all like "f*k u ashley. i wanna f*k lisbeth, while u sort your crap out" ?

I mean seriously. give some choices, if the male protag. is a lying cheating, promise breaking sc*mbag. why are you FORCING me down the story and go with ashley, if your making these choices. give me all the choices atleast and tell ashley ur gonna stay behind and do lisbeth!

I mean. if it's the male protag's goal to get his d! licked, he would never pass up lisbeth. it's a cuter ashley version.

and yes. i would have prefered to stay in the car with Flynn, then go in that.. shop and get that ear r@p3 frn ashlyn

so back to my original question "why is the male protag. such a dumb a$, whimp & sc*mbag?

edit : a 2nd question. what's the point of the corruption system??
if your locking us in this BS,  the points keep going up regardless of the choices. and i can't opt out of anything!!!  (and yes i mean anything!!!!!!!!) 

if u don't like MILF stuff, ur screwed.
if u don't like ashley / her char / tatt'd body / personality, ur screwed.
if you don't emily and want to avoid getting the feeling that ur m*lesting a kid ur screwed.

this game would be 100% more enjoyable if it was just a side scroller of pictures and nothing else, none of the options matter, you have no significant options to change anything, and your locking us in to this trainwreck.

I can HAPPILY say.. at the end of EP.8

i had only 19 affection and 9 corruption with emily.

10 with samantha.

15 some how with ashley.

and 7 with luis.

was the purpose of the game for me to hate it? if it was. you did it very very very very very well.

the male protag personality is more sketchy then my damn etchasketch

if it wasn't then.. sorry. I hated it.

on a more personality note. Emily, is a brown nosing b*tch, who I would have personally cut contact with or ignored, block on the phone, etc. she is what you call.. a "shit stirrer"

and giving a woman your phone??? really? i mean REALLY! you must be living in a fantasy world. no man, who knows what's good for him, would let a woman ever use / access his phone, hell.. even my sister doesn't let her husband access her phone, and she's married to him!

and not telling "yo main man luis" that emily is hiding behind that metal beam?  and that she demands to go with you when ur going to go out .. jesus..
and yet again.. the male protag. is stuck with the child. during his night out with his main man.

and Luis's line "it's creepy" is beyond then 100% accurate. maybe like 10,000% creepy.

i hope for EP10. your going to add-in some REAL choices.. like ditching emily. and going with the chance with the too ladies and loosing points with emily, and hell... maybe even give us the ability to pick 1 person ONLY to focus on. and work on them, and ignore everyone else, and screw that relationship up. make a GAME. not some.. railed story line, where u just sit back and watch and cringe the entire time.

the ONLY semi-decent character in the ENTIRE game is "ELI" yes. that's right ELI (the 70+ yr old mechanic , that has no real interest in anything but his cars and an attraction to samantha)

:note: i do love these kind of games though, i have like 60 - 70, and i can get behind 95% of all stories and protags, but yours so far is the only 1 I regret owning

so in the end..
Give us OPTIONS to shut things down!!!

like warning ur main man, that emily is hiding behind the metal beam,  to shut emily down, and force her to go home
telling ashley that ur going to stay at the tattoo parlour and ur going to get ur d! licked / sucked / watever,  from lizthbeth  then going with her. instead of deal with her family stuff.
when your in the security room with ashlyn., give us the option to make a deal right then and there. and do her / touch her / what ever. and screw ashley over..
when you take the food up to ashley and emily, why am i locked in to kissing samatha? what if i don't want her. give us options to just walk off with the food, with out the kiss.

and make those actions cost us points... that's all i want. if your going to make us choose, give us options to stop the progression of the others.



You sure have a lot of anger penned up.  It is a game.  It was probably free.  Move on.  Make your own game if you don't like this one, if you think it is that easy.  I disagree with nearly all your wall of anger/hate.


Man you need to chiiiiiiill out! Making such a novel about a free game you didn't like? I mean it is ok to give your feedback, you're probably not the only one thinking this, but there are only a few constructive criticisms (not enough choices, graphics that could be missed sometimes, not enough realistic situations (and I don't agree with that at all but it is your feeling)) in the middle of a torrent of "I hate this game, I hate the MC".

And you must have a little sadomasochistic side because you continue to play, you make the effort to write a comment surely as long as the script of the game and above all you are still waiting for episode 10 to change the situation?

When you don't like a game, move on! It's not as if there weren't others (you told us that you have 70 of those) or if your future depended on this one. As we say in my country "if you don't like it, don't disgust others". With that, I wish you good life and good luck for the rest of the game!


Here's a long answer to your novel-length post! :-)

In my play of the game, yes, the MC starts out as a complete horndog idiot, but I think this is intentional.

He starts out as someone who's just gotten out of juvie, and hasn't made a lot of good choices, or had much help along the way, BUT he did get smarter as my playthrough went on -- or at least, you have the option to choose to make him smarter.

Again, I think this is intentional in Az's writing. I went the Ashley route, and the MC does start to see her as a person, and understand what's going on with her, instead of just thinking about himself and his dick every minute of every day.

For some people, these types of games are just fap material -- they don't care about anything else. So, that's there for them, if that's all they want. But Az does put in a lot of character stuff, and touches of reality, as the story goes on, for those who want that -- but it comes later, as a kind of character development over time and choices.

Last thing: the way visual novels are made through Ren'py, it is almost impossible for a single author to make an open-world or sandbox style game like you're used to -- there's a reason those sandbox games are made by *teams* of people over *years* before release.

Every single choice/path in a Ren'py visual novel must be manually coded out -- the workload is *heavy* for a single author/coder. You're unlikely to find absolute "open world game" freedom in a VN, even if it's made by a team.

Be well,


For people quickly reading posts. I.E. I WANT THE CHARACTER TO BE LIKE ME AND ONLY ME.


I 100% agree... although I was shit on beause i criticised the game as well... if only the MC had that much balls.  It must be a cultural thing because some of the choices were totally bizarre.  


lol if you dont like it then dont play it and fuck off

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