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I'm Az. I'm making an adult visual novel... Oh! Who am I kidding? I'm making porn. 18+, adult-only, x-rated, pretty hard-core game made in Renpy. I've been playing this kinda games for a while but this is my first time actually making one. So please give it a go and let me know what you think.  Anyways... On to the info and things:

You're a nineteen year old dude who just spent four years in juvenile detention. Today's the day of your release. But you're still under a six month probation period, so you can't do whatever the heck you want just yet. 

You get assigned to a halfway house way out in the boonies to learn a thing or two about being an adult. After all your were just fifteen years old when they put you away. And in juvie, they don't exactly teach you anything about dealing with the outside world.

So you're thinking to yourself you're shit outta luck being shoved from one crap hole to another. Outside, your friendly neighborhood probation officer is waiting to drive you to your new home. Is the new place gonna be as bad as you think?

Well, you have to play the game to find out. Or you could just read the rest of this post to get some idea of what to expect.

The following five are the main characters you'll interact with in this game. These guys have relationship stats tracking.


This is Samantha. She's the caretaker and owner the halfway house. She's a nice older lady and your potential mother figure. She also handles the mandatory counselling sessions to help you out with the multitude of emotional issues you're sure to have. She's the first person you meet when you get there.


This is Ashley or Ash to her friends. She's a fellow resident of the halfway house. I think she's a little older than you. I'm not really sure, she just tells me to shut the hell up when I ask. She's a tough, self assured lady, who won't take any shit from anyone. Thinks a little too highly of herself though. But don't worry I'm sure you'll be able to handle her just fine... Probably.


This is Emily or Em to her friends. This girl is the most important character in the game. She's your potential love interest. You can do all kinds of shit with other girls of course, this is a porn game after all but this character is the only one you'll form a deep emotional bond with plot wise. She's the same age as you. Nice, sweet girl. Kind and loyal to her friends. But she's got a nasty temper and will kick your butt if you piss her off. So be nice. Oh, and before I forget, she hates perverts.

Officer Monroe:

This is Officer Monroe. Your Probation Officer. He's the first character you'll meet and he'll explain some basic plot points for you. He's a nice old bugger who's also not so secretly in love with Samantha. He's charge with monitoring your progress and will cart you straight back to juvie if you break the rules one too many times. So you better make friends with him.


This is Luis or Lou to his friends. He's the only other male resident. He's been there for ages and is actually no longer under a probationary period. He's free to leave anytime but decide to pay rent and stay while he looks for a full time job. Is he a good guy? A jerk? Potential rival? Placed in the game so I can set up some NTR goodness? Who knows? Play the game to find out. Ha, ha.

  • Scene replay of every sexy event.
  • Alt. camera angle for certain scenes.
  • Lots of double resolution panning scenes.
  • Branching events.
  • Multiple playthrough friendly.
  • Dialog and character focused writing.
  • More stuff I'll make up as I go along.


  • Fan Service
  • MILF
  • Voyeurism
  • Mastrubation
  • Oral
  • Facial
  • Some light Domination


  • Vanilla
  • Anal
  • Lesbian
  • Corruption
  • Sharing
  • Swinging
  • Prostitution
  • Public
  • Old Man
  • Domination (Ashley, if you let her.)

Not Planned:

  • Hard NTR
  • Rape
  • Humiliation
  • Incest

This game is ultimately free.  But each new release will be exclusive to my Patreon supporters for a month.  However every time a new episode is completed, the previous version will be made available here for free.


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Could you please make more scenes for Samantha don't get me wrong Emily is a great character but for me, I'm more into Samantha character 🥺

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Is there by any means NTR in this game?.. I had this VN a while back but the MC looked like a rapist so i deleted the game lol.. Now I'm giving it another chance but only if there's no NTR in this mf

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Hey AZ great game played it a little while ago was waiting for the next update for awhile when is it coming?  It is well written and intriguing. Great character development.


IDK if I have commented on this game or not, but let me again exclaim my love for this game. Not only the characters are enjoyable to be around, but the story itself has been interesting. I know the pacing of the story is slow, but that's what I like about it. A lot of visual novel games I played seem to rush a bit too quick in certain situations and locations, are not fully develop the story there and it had been annoying for my part. It's not a bad thing to rush into the juicier part of the story, but you sometimes have to slow things down and experience the now moment. With this game, you can develop more character interactions and get more invested. Maybe that's just my opinion.  

Anyway, Emily is by far the wholesomest (is that a word?) character in all the VNs multiverse I played. It can't be helped since she's the best girl in the story. Ashley is alright and her whole anime arc was enjoyable. Samantha is okay too.

Again, love the game and I love your creative writing, Az. I don't know if there's a lot of people telling you this but let me be one of those people. I appreciate you Az.

Google drive is giving the "too many people" error consider switching to mega or a different file host

Also, the Ashley scene is Episode 7 doesn't appear to exist anymore either. I have her Maxed out, but when I get to where it's supposed to be in Ep 7, there is no option or prompt for it. It just goes straight from the train, to dinner, to the scene with Samantha. And because that scene doesn't exist anymore, you lose Max with her and the end of this Episode.

(2 edits)

I have been retrying the options over and over in the first Chapter, and can never Max out Emily's stats. It's either 7/10, 3/5 or 10/10, 2/5. There seems to be some options that don't appear anymore if you look at guides online. There is no option about fixing the door in the game, that I could find and that's what the guides seem to be referring to.

And because that option doesn't appear to be there anymore, it closes off all of the "point requirement" options with Emily later on in the game. You can't even get her to feed you in Chapter 2 when you're in the hospital.


any idea when the next couple episodes are due out, really looking forward to seeing ashley and sam again for sure, especially ashley, hopefully the mc can have a love relationship with her. the sex is secondary for me, but the girls do look beautiful, seeing them being naughty with the mc is a bonus. thanks for all your hard work on this vn, one of the superior avn's out there. just wish the mc was not a retard and it would be perfect.


Well based off of how it has been I would not expect ep 9 until  Sept or Oct. I wish I was being a smart ass but not. Developer has always been upfront regarding priorities so just set back and watch for it.


It really is a shame how long it takes.... But at the same time nobody can complain. It's quality work done by one guy. He's a bro.


I agree 100 percent.  I  also  am a supporter of the developer.  It is funny type of hobby to have i guess. To be so good that people are willing to pay you to forgo your on principals, ha ha. So many burn up and never finish  some really good stories, that I am  just happy that here is one who found a way to balance life and hobby together, for all of us.


About a year ago or so, Az actually almost let the pressure of pushing out updates get the better of him. I and a couple others made sure to encourage him to keep doing it at his own pace, to ensure he makes it exactly how he's envisioned it, and not let the impatience of many get to him. Fortunately, that seemed to really be what he needed, as he clearly hasn't been anywhere close to that point again since.

And that is one of the best unknown reasons to have a supporters page, to get real support! When the creator truly embraces the base, they learn to grow and not just have a one way relationship. Great job.


thanks! ive got plenty of other vn's i am in the middle of, which i am really enjoying. I can happily wait without impatience for the next couple of updates, it cant be easy being the only making this vn and all that entails.


I've finally put in the time to start and finish Ep. VIII, as we'll as to go back and unlock every scene.

While the path of the story may flow in one direction no matter your choices, it's nice to see that little scenese here and there require CP FP or LP to unlock. It's a nice touch.

I just hope that some of the random characters return. Bigger-Boob Doctor, the two girls on the train, an encounter with Hollis missing a few teeth after "Monroe Kick!"... Naturally it'd be a lot of work to expand on new characters, but it would flesh out the story.

Oh, and the fact that there's more story than sex is completly fine. Character Development make you care about Characters. Knowing Ashley is a bitch makes you want to cum in her mouth. Knowing Emily is s super innocent sweetheart makes corrupting her that much more fun.

So.... 10/10 game. Can't wait for So. IX, but I'll wait as long as it takes.

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still needs the mc toning down quite a bit, really dislike the way he is, would also like to see sam and ashley become dating material but without the fall out that could possibly occur if ash was to find out he is dating sam etc.  feels like ashley is really into the mc at the end, so i really hope this continues to be honest, she is a lovely girl, and strong enough to put the mc in his place, which would help to tone the lunatic down

I can tell he's focusing on character development heavily still, meaning it will clearly get to a point where the MC will finally begin to calm down a bit mood/attitude wise, but I think we won't see that show up too much until likely another two or three episodes/chapters down the road, which for me, is a logical, fitting and thus good pace for that.

That said, I would like to say to me, I've already noticed a bit of that "toning down" you're referring to across all the characters, actually. It's subtle, and small little bits, but it's definitely present. And to me, again, that's just the right pacing to have for the toning down, specifically of the more intense characters like Ash & MC.

I really like ashley, maybe because i have just been following her story until the last chapter.I was wondering about her twin sister, I thought she would also end up a love interest of the mc.  I just wonder though in which direction this storyline is going to go with the mc. Right now it seems to be that he can hop from girl to girl, but i am wondering if this end up in a full harem, where they can all be together, like 3 some or 4 somes with girls and the mc, or will it be the case the mc can choose whichever he wants to be with depending on how much he has built up his relationship with. I never really liked emily so much, i am definitely more of a ashley and sam fan. It's just that it seems only to be set up relationship wise with emily only.  Will ashley and sam end up with needing the same things ie stat wise as emily?  She just seems like too much work to even bother with if you know what I mean. I really enjoy a good written vn, and its pace is kind of slow at times, which is fine if it fits with the story itself and he can keep the characters under control as i said previously with toning down and improving the way the characters behave and speak to each other, the main character I hope will move out of his manchild mentality, so many vn's suffer with creating a really poor mc. I love to be sucked into a story, but to do that requires immersion, and believable characters, right now the mc is far from believable at least for me.

I still have yet to figure out what choices I am missing that'd get me all of the scenes unlocked. I've got around 80%-90% of them all unlocked right now. That said, I haven't made any choices that I'd assume would get MC any strike points, nor be a choice that'd in my mind fuck up the other characters (say be a dumbass and trust in Hollis forgiving the ahole in example). So I assume that'd be where I gain the remaining scenes I am missing.


dear AZ

   I'm a  fan form China.I gotta to say that halfway house is failured as a porn game.it tooks me hours to finished all ep.I actually  done have sexy with any girl.the most porn sence maybe the naked body (is that really can be called porn game?)but it is successful as a normal slg game.we have a story  not too bad,and really nice characters,exactly Emily.I really love her.so cute and tender.nowadays,most porn game just for porn.no story,no character.I think I like halfway house much more than other porn games.

    but maybe for it is not a reall  porn game.halfway house does not have a lots of sexy.so I heard  that we don't have much support. 

   I feel  so sorry for can not supporting you,but I have to say that halfway house is a rally rally nice game,and I can't wait to play with ep9.

   please don't  just give it up.ᐕ)⁾⁾


any idea when ep9 will be out pls for pc? thanks!

Within the next two to three months, as that's the consistent average timeline between each update. So likely September or October. Then to get a picture of the timeline of how long between each update on average, just look at and note that Episode 8 came out on March 18th of this year. Mid/Late March to probably Mid-Late Sep or Oct, so around 6-9 months on average between updates.

When i download the file and try to install the apk it says "app not installed" someone knows sum? Im Android and i think i got the latest version of it if I'm not wrong

i get that massage from many apks but only if you dont have enoth space on you device


I have no problems with anything in the game becauase, it's the creators creation.

That being said, I do find the MC being able to seduce damn near any woman a bit mer.


 10/10 goats


How many eps are planned? Just wondering


Been trying to download this game for almost a year, always "too many people downloading it". Fuckin jealous of everyone that was lucky enough to dl it... Iam gonna keep trying tho, wish me luck!!!

hey man i believe in you after like my  100th try i got if i could you could to 

( sorry for grammar

Thank you for believing in me! lol

Your grammar is better than most, bro!

no problem bro : )

Try downloading it from fap-nation maybe you'll get  lucky there

Try downloading after signing-in in google drive


There is absolutely nothing to like about the main character at all. I hate everything about him and especially the way he speaks to women and treats them like meat.  I think at this point, the branching paths are pointless and pretty much feel like to me they lead to the same things.  The MC has no idea how to keep his mouth shut.  Why doesnt he defend ashley against her sister? no instead has to blab blab blab everyting.   Can you please sort the main character out...and give us the option if we want to blab or not..and give us more conversation options too and more sex scenes.  I would like to see sam and especially the sexy ashley be able to be love interests of the MC if he wants that. I mean we have a terrible back story with sam at the beginning, and we learn why ashley is like she. I am sorry but you want us to invest time and emotions into trying to date either of those girls...and all we get is a big smack over the head for doing so, because ultimately it will never be possible....while you keep trying to force emily on to us.   I feel like i wasted hour after hour upto chapter 8, and reading with bewilderment at the lack of any real human emotion.  Was this vn written secretly by a feminist or something, because honestly because the guy is simply not believable in any way, except exactly in the way of a feminist would think...and believe me, the more i played this as the mc, the more insulted I became.   You need to make changes to the mc urgently, i mean he is with emily, and he is playing the field right in front of his girlfriend? and thats another thing...you need to sort out the way the women behave, react and talk, because apart from sam and ashley, the rest are simply unbelievable at all, which completely ruins the immersion factor completely. mc you need to stop speaking like a dickwad all of the time.  show some respect to the women your with, unless your giving us multiple choices in the story to do so.  she he eye up women with his with his love interests?  give us the choice instead of forcing that shit on to us.  make the mc believable, not the current way he is.   he is annoying as fuck, and needs massive work, and quite frankly so does the storyline too, its all over the place. I love sam and ashley lovely girls, and they feel real to me in a sense in the way they speak, react etc, the rest do not, infact they go the other way.. i get the mc has problems is completely full of  shit, but the way you have written him, is like someone with an IQ of 10 and has some serious mental retardation going on...because all he does is speak to women like they are nothing but a piece of meat to him, and his endless stupid blabbing...dropping people into trouble almost continuously and at the end with ashley and grandpa at the mansion i almost stopped playing because i was by this time extremely pissed and angry at the mc.  I wanted ashley to stay, i wanted the mc to stop talking shit at every opportunity. I had no interest in emily at all.  make ashley and sam available as relationship option, have more sex scenes with sam, ashley and mc it would be so hot.  they dont have to be bisexual to have a poly relationship!

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I completely agree with your statement. I also find that the MC needs a major rework on the communication area of things, he's just dishing out compliments and being a dingaling all around. Not to bash the writers I love the girls...disliked Emily's militant behavior and getting the MC a black eye and stuff....but I gave her a chance and she's cool I guess but Ashley is...damn she's a work of art but enough about that what you said I 100% support it and couldn't have said it any better myself!. But overall I enjoyed the game a lot it's just...the MC man...ugh but besides that a great game. you basically formulated most of my opinion so again I agree with you.

Agreed. MC is just fucking moronic blabbering horny manchild.

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Hey guys thanks for your support.  I really love large aspects of the story,  particularly with ashley. I never really bothered with emily, because as been already stated far too militant for my tastes, hence why I never bothered with her, except when the vn forced me to interact with her, and i always managed to fail some strange points test to go any further with her.  Ashley is indeed a work of art!   Loved her storyline, just a pity she is just some side interest, which ironic given her storyline which seems to be, with holding the emily storyline (i just couldnt bring myself to even wanting to interact with her after a few chapters.  Outside fo the ashley storyline, it just seem a little all over the place if you didnt bother much with emily, whom i am presuming is the main go to character given she has multiple stats and ashley and sam only have corruption.  dont get me wrong like i said.  its just the writers badly need to fix the  'manchild' mc big time.  allow both sam and ashley to be fully dateable, which would probably mean you need to write a new ending with her dating the mc, whatever that is. i was just sat in ever increasing bewilderment at some of the mc came out, as the chapters rolled through. sam and ashley good, make them fully datable, emily and other characters need major rewriting, because they are just awful and i am being too kind. no insult meant of course to the devs of this vn,  as mentioned above about ashley.  I know this your game yadda yadda, but it got tiresome with the mc pretty quickly and i only stuck it out because of the ashley and sam characters.


how about.....just dont play the game?


i think you missed the entire point. this avn could be exceptional if it wasnt for the manchild, i mean if he wasnt doing most of the things he does in the first place.  i have played the 'game' and thats why i posted what I did. If i didnt give a shit, then i would just have moved on. the fact remains i really enjoyed large segments of it. I am not the only one who wants the manchild to blabbing all over the place etc, because it really spoils what is an exceptional avn!  And asking to be able to date sam or ashley, i would hardly say that is too much to ask, since they are really nice women, especially the milf sam, and the messed up ashley is a really beautiful girl behind all her family problems etc.


I find this EXCEPTIONAL regardless of the silly complaints about the MC or other silly complaints written about the plot. I imagine TOKYEO agrees with me. 

so i have been enjoying this game going through the game discovering the different branching paths.   so i did notice a strange audio issue, it happens when ever the heart beat starts in a scene. then the heart beat will continue into the next scene. it will continue until i save then restart the game. just some info .. keep up the good work..... well.... back to the halfway house....  


Children please, it's been only two and a half months since the last update, calm those tiddies. Yes, we're all a bit impatient for each update because of how damn quality this game is, but you have to remember this is just ONE GUY making the whole damn thing on his own time. ONE DUDE BRUV. And how do you think he's made such a fantastic game in the first place? By taking his time and making sure it's as he's envisioned it to be. So breathe, and let Az take their time making sure each chapter is the highest quality possible.


Stop asking when the next update is and pls be fucking patient. Making a game even a visual novel is NOT easy, fast, or even cheap for that matter.


I love how 80% of the comments are "it won't let me download" and 5% of the comments are "when is the next update?"

So let me say, that yes there are problems with downloading, and nobody seems to know when the next episode will be out.

Also there was that one guy who wanted to tattoo Ashley's name on them or whatever. Like.... lol?


Is this game abandoned? Is there gonna be Any more updates?

Relax man, it's only been two and a half months since Ep8 came out, and this is one single person making the game on their free time. Az averages about 3-5 months between new eps, so now you have a rough time table of when to look for the new one to be out. So no, it is not at all abandoned. Not even close.

Farthest I've gotten into what I've downloaded is the tattoo shop, I've seen no other updates since then that was a while back.

you havent been paying attention then

Cool so instead of just saying "oh yeah there are updates pay that here is where you can find them. " We do the " you ain't from round here aryee bowey! Attitude lol. Cool I can dig it.

Well let's get to know each other, now drop em boy and squeel like a pig, lemme hear ya squeeeelll


NTR goodness.....g..go...n..na....THROW UP *urk*

I'm having trouble on downloading the game, it says that it has exceded the number of times it can be downloaded.


could u add maybe that ashley or samantha end up tying u up and dominating u? that would be so hot

Ive enjoyed what Ive played of it so far, Im curious as to roughly how many episodes you have in mind for the finished story?

Oh and I must admit after some of the events in the later episodes I do have this hope that the MC can convince Luis to offer his services as test subject for Ash, mistakes to be corrected (by Liz?) or Luis gets a date with Ash, his choice. Id also like to see Luis ace being tested by Liz... I think that would be hilarious.

Ive noticed a number of spelling mistakes and the like, how best to submit them?

(1 edit)

In Chapter 4 The scene title Emily Fopar ought to be Emily Faux Pas.


Also Chapte 4 living room scene, after Luis hands you the dvd, his left eye (right as you look at him) is not pointing in the right direction.

(1 edit) (+1)

The name of Liz's shop appears to be missing a 'u' the
door says parlor, should be parlour.


My apologies I should have guessed straight away that you are an American or at least using an American dictionary.

Your usage of 'step foot into' instead of 'step into' or 'set foot into' would also back that up.

Whilst Im bringing these thngs up you also use 'Sush' instead of 'Shush' on several occasions.

Also whilst Emily is describning what happened after she knocked the MC out with the shampoo bottle, Ashley describes Em as 'viscous', I am assuming that you were going for 'vicious'.

Ashlyn, whilst on her why to the surveillance room describes Ashley as her 'Bis Sis' instead of 'Big Sis'

i downloaded the game and played once (loved it so far) but then tonight my anti virus flagged it as having idp.generic so i decided to redownload the game. but now every time i do its corupted and i cant run it. please help :


uninstall the antivirus thing u have and when ur not playing it reinstall it?

Add the game into "exceptions" in antivirus setup. 2nd possibility is disable antivirus completely (including W10 built in antivirus - at least temporarily). Worked for me every time with every program. 

Thanks this did the trick :)

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What a great storyline I've enjoyed playing this so far. Keep up the great work, I look forward to the next update!!


I've been watching this game since episode 3 was new. I love the story and the sense of realisim with the characters (plus MONROE KICK was amazing)

I understand these things take time, but I wish episodes came out much more quickly. Oh well. Good things are worth waiting for.

so if there is a new episode how do you update it cause i only played it since ep8 came out thx if you response

I have only watched playthroughs of it. So i don't know for sure. But i imagine you just download the new version and delete the old. Start over.

Again, i don't know.

So te game is so far stupidly amazing. Great job there. Is there anywhere some kind of guide? Just to see what did I missed before the nex update?

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I'm almost done with the game and I'm absolutely in love with it. And of course, Emily. The story is amazing and I love this is story focused but with all the goodies

Please keep up the amazing work! Can't wait for the next release

Great game. When is episode 9 going to be released?

This game was so good. I'm emotional invested in these characters. The graphics and sound design are great as well. What song is playing during the tittle screen?

I can't wait for more!

It's "Will you wait" from Marisa Law, http://www.marisalaw.ca

Was already asked for a few times below  ;-)

Thank you I replied right when I finished the game and was excited.  😅

if your having problems saying people to many people downloaded it at that time then download it at night time i tried and i recommend downloading it on google because i tried on other browsers like edge  oprea gx ect. and it didnt work so i recommend using google 

You were just lucky. I've tried multiple timeslots, same issue. Bonus episodes work, but only because those don't get downloaded as much and are smaller then the main game. Google drive is a bad choice for huge file downloads.


I got this message when I tried to download:

"Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time. Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently."

I have the same issue on the MacOS link...... 

(2 edits)

How do I add the bonus EP to the halfway house game? or is the bonus EP a separate game separate from the main game? 

please help me

It's separate from the main game

Thank you very much for the information, it was very helpful

Love the game.  The scenes with Ashley are the best I’ve encountered in all the games I’ve played from this site.  Keep up the good work.


Damn this game is so good rly love the story and the characters, gotta love Ashley she's my fav this new episode rly made me care for her and her story, rly want the mc to stay with her now hope it happens, awesome game as I said great work and keep them updates coming XD

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