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I'm Az. I'm making a visual novel. This is my first ever project of this kind and I hope you folks enjoy it. Anyways... onto the particulars:


You're a nineteen year old dude who just spent four years in juvenile detention. Today's the day of your release. But you're still under a six month probation period, so you can't do whatever the heck you want just yet.

You get assigned to a halfway house way out in the boonies to learn a thing or two about being an adult. After all your were just fifteen years old when they put you away. And in juvie, they don't exactly teach you anything about dealing with the outside world.

So you're thinking to yourself you're shit outta luck being shoved from one crap hole to another. Outside, your friendly neighborhood probation officer is waiting to drive you to your new home. Is the new place gonna be as bad as you think?

Well, you have to play the game to find out. Or you could just read the rest of this post to get some idea of what to expect.


The following five are the main characters you'll interact with in this game. These guys have relationship stats tracking.


This is Samantha. She's the caretaker and owner the halfway house. She's a nice older lady and your potential mother figure. She also handles the mandatory counselling sessions to help you out with the multitude of emotional issues you're sure to have. She's the first person you meet when you get there.


This is Ashley or Ash to her friends. She's a fellow resident of the halfway house. I think she's a little older than you. I'm not really sure, she just tells me to shut the hell up when I ask. She's a tough, self assured lady, who won't take any shit from anyone. Thinks a little too highly of herself though. But don't worry I'm sure you'll be able to handle her just fine... Probably.


This is Emily or Em to her friends. This girl is the most important character in the game. She's your potential love interest. You can do all kinds of shit with other girls of course, this is a porn game after all but this character is the only one you'll form a deep emotional bond with plot wise. She's the same age as you. Nice, sweet girl. Kind and loyal to her friends. But she's got a nasty temper and will kick your butt if you piss her off. So be nice. Oh, and before I forget, she hates perverts.

Officer Monroe:

This is Officer Monroe. Your Probation Officer. He's the first character you'll meet and he'll explain some basic plot points for you. He's a nice old bugger who's also not so secretly in love with Samantha. He's charge with monitoring your progress and will cart you straight back to juvie if you break the rules one too many times. So you better make friends with him.


This is Luis or Lou to his friends. He's the only other male resident. He's been there for ages and is actually no longer under a probationary period. He's free to leave anytime but decide to pay rent and stay while he looks for a full time job. Is he a good guy? A jerk? Potential rival? Placed in the game so I can set up some NTR goodness? Who knows? Play the game to find out. Ha, ha.


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Lewd Content ? Well 2-3 scenes in 9 episodes haha so dont expect this to be Dreams of Desire

Anyway, the game is amazing !! Story Rich Visual Novel with a strong well build characters.

It has a quite unique story with a strong plot, good character build-up. Female friends protagonist cover all the range of possible mates your imagination would want, from MILF to Domina to Wifey to GirlyGirlfriend. Good Sexual Arousal and Tension between the Characters.

MC is well placed in the story , its a fun guy that has a special way with the ladies.

So far the game is strong, its a great visual novel with a highly catching story and a very few lewd scenes.

NTR? please no

Can anyone tell me how to install the update to the existing file

Just finished 2nd playthrough. Haven't been able to find a definitive answer. Have unlocked all scenes except for Ep. 8 Emily First Touch. Have done full love and full corrupt play and cannot figure it out. 

One guide I found states that she cannot make her promise, which I believe is corrupt playthrough. Any help would be appreciated.  Sorry, my completions habits are bugging me with this.

heyyy dev, any update for new patch? i cant wait for Piper's scene

 I need a help

 Can u tell me how to install a new update to the existing file


Will harem be allowed in the game, or do you have to choose a final girl? And also, are there any plans in the future to make Shiho, Nadia, Liz, Piper etc to be romaneable?

I think those are great questions, and ones I am sure many others have had. I'd also like to add the nutjob of the trio, Liz onto the list, as well as Ashlyn. Personal preference of course, just like I'd remove Piper, and I'd be fine either way with Nadia being kept or removed from said list. lol. At first I didn't really care for Liz much, but for some stupid reason she's slowly grown on me.

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It's missing a game guide, I try to 100% but I can't figure how to get "Emily night visit" (Episode 1) , I can raise affection at 10/10 or lewd at 3/5.

But nothing seam works, I'm missing something ?


new patch when?


*stolen from Killer7's discord*

Well, looking back on your Dev Log, it looked like you were putting out an update about every 3 to 4 months. Just curious when the next update will be released. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Typically the new updates release every 4-6 months as of the last couple, and each successive update makes another 1-3 months extension to that timeline, so I'm guessing the next chapter will be out in September or October. Though I think I vaguely recall him mentioning this next chapter to be the longest and most in depth, so if I recall that right, then it is more likely November/December.


can you update new version please?

Hi, anyone can play the Android version? It isnt working :( i have been trying and trying and nothing happes it freezes on the Advisory Warning

It's been awhile since I played this, is it still impossible to pick Ash over Emily?

Yes. I've done multiple playthroughs, I think four? And on the Ash focused one, it's still wholly maintainable.

Please choose wisely before creating the game on there main character...most of a players of 90% usually  cant be interest on the game because of ugly character like me... There should be a magnet from main character to players if the game will gonna be hit...

Anal sex?



Just finished 9.  good game.  love to see MC fuck sam and emily.  and can you make the MC start to mature sooner.  he's annoyingly infantile.  and I hope you'll give MC a choice about going upstairs at the club.  He should take enily home. 

When's the next update?  thanks

I've seen a stark increase in complaints about the demeanor and attitude of MC, but I really believe it makes sense that he is the way he is, and that it also feeds the unique personality dynamics of each character as well. And then given MC's and the rest of the HH's residents backgrounds, I can bet you that's the aim of Az.


 more Samantha scene, please :(


Officer Monroe gonna steal yo girls

Actually finished for now the first run all on samantha, quite nice but actually nothing too lewd for now, probably the only one that will need next chapters for more.
Just started the second round focusing on Ash and seems a lot more lewd...

Just one thing: the complete lack of interaction, except some rare choices, (and main selections) make the game quite annoying fast in a lot of scenes where you just have to click (or press space) for literally hours to let the dialogue go on and nothing actually happens

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I uninstalled after meeting 3 characters. You're kidnapped and enslaved by tyrants for exercising your 2nd amendment right to self defense and you can't redress your grievances or bitches bite off your head off at every turn. This game is a slave trainer, you're the slave. I don't see how anyone could like that.  Who fantasizes about being unjustly sentenced, paroled in a halfway house and belittled by everyone? If you support tyranny, this game is for you.


Quite literally the most retarded motherfucker on planet Earth


you need to get off the intent you dumb antifa faggot cunt. you nazis are all the same


Frick this game is annoying.  Unless you are a young boy  or like being called a pervert, I doubt you will get anything from this VN. 
quick rundown...
You will never have made the right choice to unlock even a single decent lewd scene, be prepared to feel worse about yourself because you have to make intentionally weak moves.
Dont even bother with emily... tell her to fuck off right away, cutest character, but written so terribly you end up hating her because of it.


this is one of the best games I have played. hope it will continued

(1 edit) (+2)

anyone got all the scenes, im missing alot of the scenes farther down the story and i needa see all the scenes to see if its worth playing through again


Ill save you hours of trying to find the right path.  you will be very much let down.  


So I played episodes 1-9 and loved it.  When the next episode comes out do I have to delete the game and install it again on Android?  What happened to the progress I made in the first 9 episodes?


Better not put a price ever on this. Anything that mentions the big N in gaming systems, they will demand money or sue. Even youtubers who even mention a game thats branded by them. Unless of course you change the system to not look like it and more like the vee instead of the.. you know.


The game is obviously not for me at all since I'm not attracted to women but scrolling the page couldn't help but stop at the beefy Luis..  He gives off "bad boy" vibes & is kinda hot/cute lol.

(1 edit) (+1)

Luis is the good-hearted best friend. Funny, and occasionally a pain in the ass, but he's a great character. All of the characters are good, in my opinion, because Az writes them all with realistic touches and humor. For example, Ash looks like she's going to be the stereotypical "tough chick who's DTF" but if you follow her story, there's more to the character than it seems at first glance. All "adult" VNs have sex in them, but it's how Az writes the story and the characters in Halfway House that makes it one of my favorites so far.


Its too bad.. I would play this game just for him(Luis) but I don't think I'll like it since it's locked as male protagonist with Luis as just a friend and is mainly focused on only female love interests. But the characters do sound great from what you said.


I totally get that. The better VNs which contain sex and romance typically narrow the MC options based on what the writer feels they can represent with some kind of honesty. Unfortunately, I haven't stumbled across many VNs with female MCs well-written enough to mention here. "Come Home" on Steam is written by R.J. Rhoads (a woman), and allows the player to choose from male or female partners (or both) throughout, but the MC there is still a male character, and the majority of the 20 relationship possibilities offered are women. Wish I could offer a list of well-written female-MC VNs to you, but it's beyond my knowledge at this point. Maybe others will see your post and offer suggestions? Be well!


Yea the writers almost always write what they can relate to which is easier so it's fine. 

Yeah I haven't either that much heh but no worries :3 I found some and maybe I'll come upon others I'll like while searching. 

Thanks, take care.

is Ash a li?

Dont quote me, but i don't believe she is however i havent caught up with the updates in a while.

Really liked the charactars and the story hope new things come soon


I like the game but I hate that it essentially trys to railroad you into being with Emily. Like you could be getting a literal handjob with Ash and she'll bring up you liking Emily.


If you want to play a non adult VN, get this game and go after Emily. In 9 episodes however much she loves you and you've corrupted her, all she'll show you is her boobs.  If you want an Adult VN, however, go for Ashley. First time I played I was so dissapointed with Emily, as it seems the dev wanted you to know you would have to wait for a non-existant new episode or three!


Great game if you ever wanted to feel like a  completely useless cuck, be called a pervert every two minutes and NEVER do anthing with anyone... great game.  Hottest thing to happen was you fantisize about the big fat MALE po. 

(1 edit)

Has anyone got all the scenes??  There's 1 that's eluding me and I find near impossible to get (the one that req. 21+ECP).

im missing alot of the scenes farther down the story and i needa see all the scenes to see if its worth playing through again


Epic , been playing since chapter 7

how do i know when ep10 is released?


I'd like to find out too. Sometimes the way the game ends is in such a ridiculous place, it makes you think an update won't take long, but then nothing. I am getting to the point where I will probably only pay for finished games, and there aren't many of those....

Kinda in the same boat.  I have subscribed to several games, and 90% of the time the game goes "tits up" (abandoned) .  Why would I want to support a game that will never be finished, or I wait months and months for an update.


Especially when these VNs are so based on story! To not have the ending in a story should be a crime!

PC Download link is dead????

(2 edits) (+3)(-1)

I would like to know how many addition episodes will be released before it's a full game. Too many games are Alphas or Beta's and just seem to have been forgotten by the devs. If the plan is for 18 episodes and so far we have 9, I will wait, because I always see so many itch games just stop development. And I am not paying or playing half a story.

But you can count on one hand how many Adult VNs are 1.0+, the vast majority are listed as 0.1 to 0.9, with many of them not having been updated for months. Itch should force these developers that bring out episodic games to tell us up front how many episodes they have planned for the 1.0 version. Then, if it's taken 2 years to get just a third of them done and 6 months before the last episode release, you would know it's a dead product and not waste your money.

Rant over


It finally completed the download... I forgot I had it queued in my download manager, which kept trying to complete it all month long. Saw it pop up that it completed... But have not tried to play it yet. I still do not know why it had so many issues -- I just finished downloading another game from Itch that is 6 gigs in size, much larger than this one. Nor why Google Drive gave me problems. (Mega I often have issues with, so that one was no surpise.)

@developer: Another option to consider is using torrent downloads, and/or upload to archive.org (which will automaically make it torrent downloadable as well, so you will not need to).

Comments from my playthrough of Eps 1-8:

Give more choices and story branches. (There is story and branch management software out there to help.) I do not know a lot abut Ren'Py, but I would refactor the game to use zero-point references for scores: a score of zero (0) is neutral; A positive score is, well, positive. A negative score is negative. No need to keep increasing the max score -- just give choices that add/subtract. Then, only special cases, such as mutually-exclusive branches would need a flag variable, or triggers that require "did-X-at-least/most-N-times" tracking.

Adjust the "scoring" per character: Ashley seems to be more favorable to corruption choices, while Emily seems more favorable to "love" choices. Ashlyn and Lisbeth also seem to lean towards corruption. Samantha (and her other girl friends), Kunieda, and the rest I am uncertain about.

The most important point is that score adjustments per-choice should be based on the personality of the *character*, rather than the goals/objectives of the game author/developer. It would also add a greater possibility of NPC interactions: If Emily starts crushing on the MC, she would get jealous if he MC started to gain a lot of points towards another character. If it's LP, she might react negatively, and even lose some LP's wih the MC. If it's CP, she might get competitive and acting/dressing more... "slutty"... to get the MC's attention back on her. And so on.

You could also characterize the MC/player this way. Does he tend towards corruption choices? Love choices? This would affect how NPCs react to the MC.

Kind of off-topic, but what modelling software did you use to generate the scenes? You might consider offering downloads of the models/meshes (likely to Patreon paid accounts? Be certain to include licensing and use details). You could also offer some as a "reward" for reaching certain milestones with different characters -- but that might encourage players to "cheat" (extract the sources directly instead of "earning" them).

how do I get more scenes with Emily? 

Make the right choices with her (and others in some cases!). To some extent, the author seem to have already factored some of this in: Some choices you make might make one story line branch available and another unavailable--ever. In some cases, with her at least, it does seem that you have to choose either to "corrupt" her or "love" her, but cannot do both.

(1 edit) (+2)(-2)


 That is true. But when the story ends with a choice of going home with Emily, or going with Luis is the worst way to end episode 9!

(1 edit) (+7)(-1)

This game is horribly designed

developer made this game in mind with perfect answers

so if you do not play ideally as he wanted you to play you can quit

if you think 7/10 at the end of chapter 1 is good, it will be 14/20 21/30 and downfall from there

means more you play not chosing what developer want you to chose (game never indicate which options gives scenes, just throw them at you)

so basically you can play entire game and feel lucky if you saw nipple

dont bother, its complete trash...


hey man thats what guides are for bro plus i thought the game was good, to get the scenes its trail and error

(1 edit) (+1)

My guy, I got nearly all the scenes from episode one, except the Emily path specific ones, since you get one set of scenes, or the other depending on two dialogue choices mid episode. Then I got all but 2 in episode two simply for the same reason, because depending on previous choices, you may see Emily, or Ashley, then I missed one of Sam's. The rest of the episodes really depend if you're just being horny the whole time, or considerate. It's not hard to get them until episode 6, because there are very specific choices that only work out if you did decent previously. I tried not to be a complete tool, and the only gripe I have is the dialogue makes your character kind of forcibly act like one at times, though, he did get checked into Juvie as a kid, and was with only guys, so there's no fucking way he'd grow up.

(1 edit)

Hi, I have a problem with the game, I think is the same that Drakano have, and the thing is that I got a bug, and I can't launch the game.

In fact I have not been able to enter this latest version once.

I have Windows32, and when I want to launch the game it close it self like 1 or 2 sec after the launch.

I played Halfway_House-EP8-pc, and in this version the game just work great, without problems, but with Halfway_House-EP9-pc it's not the case.

Someone can help me, pls

(1 edit)


I got a bug, I can't launch the game. 

I'm on MacBook Pro 2018 with Mojave, and when i want to launch the game it close it self 1 sec after the launch.

I manage to launch it one time, (the first time that i opened it) but it's doesn't open anymore.

Edit: (it's linked to a tccd process. Each time i try to launch the game, a program called tccd take 80% of the cpu). 

Pls help, thx.

click with two fingers open with archive after it does that two finger click again and hit open. if it says it doesn't recognize the program just click open again. apple doesnt like these links but there is a work around

That usually works for me

I have not tried this, as I use Linux... Have you tried to run the game directly from a Ren'Py installation instead of using the provided (bundled) Ren'Py? Looking at the (PC-version) zip file conents, it seems the game _should_ work fine this way.


The game keeps on crushing

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