EP8 Public Version Is Out

Hey folks, EP8 is out for the general public. Some minor grammar and render issues are present and will be fixed in the next release.




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I've downloaded and tried to play episode 9 but it feeezes after the warning screen.

I'm looking for the download link for Episode 8?

so ur not able to let ashley dominate u?

How do I add the bonus EP to the halfway house game? or is the bonus EP a separate game separate from the main game? 

please help me


This is a great game and professionally done. The characters are also fully rounded and develop.


Chapter 8 is absolutely great!! You have left us in suspense as to what Ashley is going to decide to do with her life.

 I really like how you have developed the characters and storyline for this game. If you haven't already tried to get your game onto the Steam platform, I would highly recommend that you do since it would give you a much wider exposure for this high quality game. 

Excited for this but I am too slow on the download as it hit the daily Google drive limit already for the Android download.



give it to me 


NICE!!!! I was honestly starting to think it would never come, sry about that.Thx for a great game, this is still a favorit since long bac