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soon be nearly 7 months since the last update, beginning to wonder if this game has been abandoned recently or not. sure has been a long time though.

It says it has been updated 38 days ago


The renders on this vn are something else - it's miles above everything else. The artistic qualities of the creator really show. 

I'm hooked! I really enjoy the story and how each relationship plays off of eachother for CP and LP. I played through over and over to get each scene unlocked. I can't wait to see how the story continues. I would marry an Emily on the spot!

Take your time Dev! Take care of yourself and let your fans help where and when they can. A lot of us are in a similar situation, working our butts off day in and day out, so you are not alone! You can get through this!

I love these episodes got me wanting more


I just got done playing the Ash path, and I must say it's quite interesting.  If played right, I would label it more like a powerplay relationship rather than domination.  Back to back teetering of power, but in a caring way.  I will have to run through the other paths but I couldn't stop but take a beautiful canvased beauty as my first pick.  her story... all I gotta say s grab your floaters and life jackets.  You're going to need em.

As for the game itself, first, the intro song.  Never change it!  It's beautiful, and it fits the game perfectly.  Next, I hit the end of EP 8 and I felt a pit in my stomach knowing it was about to end, and when it did... I sat down and listened to the intro again.  The only big downside, and in many ways also an upside, is if you chose Ash, you miss out on quite a lot.  But, it makes a lot of sense to do so.  I love how choices Truly do matter, and not just "yeah it's just filler"  The characters are all great, so much depth, you feel as if you are actually talking to real people, well as real as games without immersive AI goes, something we don't have the tech for.  Every character has some true emotion.  

Needless to say I can't wait till Ep 9, who knows... maybe some doctor life paths may come to play.  She seems like she would be quite fun to toy with, just like Em.

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Seriously??? I'm 4th episode in an not once have I got laid wow seriously wow do you ever get to have sex in your sex game... Like seriously I want to love this game because the story is great but I'm dead ass serious do you ever get laid in this game or is it constant build ups that hit brick walls all day? Real talk I've never seen so many build ups that hit brick walls don't get me wrong I like to have some story build up before it gets to sex scenes but I'm half way threw your game an ain't done shit but wack off!!! Wtf 


Honestly so far, the only actual sex scene I've seen in the game was with Ashley on episode 7, and you can miss it completely of you pursue Emily who's supposed to be the main girl in the game.

Well, for some players building relations is more important than meaningless sex, how strange it wouldn't sound. There are games where you f*ck everything which does not escape on a tree but they are really boring.

I agree, but after 8 episodes, you'd expect to see some action at this point, I'm not complaining, I really like this game and the story (even though MC can be a bit of a bitch sometimes), but I understand some people's frustrations regarding the lack of sexual content

Well, what I truly desire is that Ashley's sister falls in love with me (i.e. with the MC). This is the only really attractive female character in the game for someone who  find tattoos and piercing disgusting. But I know this would be hard to achieve. Emily is cute but not really a beauty.

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I actually like that this game doesn't have like "conventionaly* attractive characters that look like super model, cookie-cutter, superficial bimbos and are more grounded, I feel like that makes you focus on the relationship building aspect of the game rather than just a bunch of sex scenes put together with a sloppy excuse of a story, I agree that Ashley's sister is attractive but so far that's the only thing going for her, tho I reserve my judgement, I mean, we've only know her for a single episode and is not the best person ever, I still think that all of the girls are attractive in their own right, Kuneida is too god damn cute, I really like tattoos so Ashley is super hot for me, as for Sam well nothing beats a good MILF and Emily is the type of girl I'd actually go for in real life.

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HI Feedback for you !!! i just found a funny weird scene in the story i wonder if any one else spotted it its when the 3 of them get off the train for work and * EM * puts her number and the other number for the other girl, nothing funny about that until the eagle eyed might have spotted the time they get off the train for work lol, LMAO, 15.44 or 3.44 pm in the afternoon PMSL !!!

First, this is an amazing game, one of the best VN's I've played and am excited to keep supporting it in the future. Truthfully, just the damn song at the start screen had me in my feels which is also why I'm here, what song was that??? I can't find it online, does anyone know what that first song that plays at the start up is? Besides that tho, I'm going happy ending in my route, I want affection with just the right amount of corruption lol 

The song is called Will You Wait by Marisa Law.


I do have a suggestion of something you could out in the game, it's just a big shame that I have to pay on patreon to get in contact with you on discord. After all, it's something for the game.

And I can't say this enough, I love this game and I have done so for at least a year.


As long as NTR isn't a forced thing its amazing 

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Name Halfway House Ep.8
OVERALL RATING: 76/100 (Very Good)
General impression: 8/10
Graphic, renders: 9/10
Many attractive female characters: 5/10
Interesting & realistic plot: 10/10
Large number of decisions: 6/10
Meaningful choices, separate story lines/endings: 5/10
MC character Building: 6/10
Relations building: 7/10
No sandbox, no puzzles, no mini-games: 10/10
No disgusting fetishes (like incest, futa, pegging, voyuer): 10/10

Look up my VNs ranking on

Well i mean this is an opinion.


Yes, it is.

Rate Acting Lessons by DrPinkCake


At your request:

Name Acting Lessons (Almost Good)
General impression: 5/10
Graphic, renders: 8/10
Many attractive female characters: 5/10
Interesting & realistic plot: 6/10
Large number of decisions: 4/10
Meaningful choices, separate story lines/endings: 2/10
MC Character Building: 2/10
Relations building: 3/10
No sandbox, no puzzles, no mini-games: 10/10
No disgusting fetishes (like incest, futa, pegging, voyuer): 10/10
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Really? I enjoyed it, never cried while playing a vn... But I respect your opinion

Well, I was frustrated that I have no impact on what's going on and I cannot chose girl which I want to have relation with. There were no meaningful choices.

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Yeah, Megan was a forced Li.

Forced romances and sexual encounters are a big problem in a lot of these adult VNs. Way too many force sex with random characters, or characters you don't like, on you. In Acting Lessons, no matter what you do that one girl is always your girlfriend. Your character will always fall in love with her regardless. Probably its biggest flaw, tbh. 

If your story has no room for choices, then don't give the player the illusion of choice, it just pisses them off.

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Hey Az - Az!
Love your game, completed the latest chapter last night. Although, I came across something weird:


When talking to Ashlyn (Lynn) about Ashley (Ash), she had said something like believing I had already had my way with her sister, where you have a flash back to the scene of her giving you a BJ in your room and on the couch in the lounge room (Which I assume was the same day you are to play games with Em)

Although, what is weird is I never actually got that scene, when Ash attempted to 'seduce' me in the lounge room after Em left to get changed and whatnot, I didn't act on it. (I am going for an Emily playthrough atm and wasn't sure how my relationships with some people impact my relationships with others - Although I now know the game warns you about such dire decisions).

I am not complaining or anything, I love your games, both the visuals and story are incredible, but i thought I should tell you just to let you know of any potential future.

Keep up the amazing work!!


Not finished with the game yet but I can assure you that this is a top AVN. The story doesnt feel rushed and the plot is very wide(as of episode 6). Since Im broke and can't give money or donation to the creator, I offer my 5 star rating and this recommendation text.

please someone tell me the song that plays at the menu


Will you wait by Marisa Law

are there any other games like this?  this game is awsome on so many levels


"sisterly lust" by perverteer is pretty great.


hey Az, saw your a bit burnt out and stressed, wanted to say i fully support you and hope youre doing okay, take your time and relax a little :)


Anyone know if there are any games out there similar to HH? I just want something to hold me off.


Being a DIK, Once in a lifetime 



"sisterly lust" by perverteer is pretty great.


when can we expect the next episode, please?


No date so far, just read his patreon, he's halted all payments because he's stressing out, been working 18 hour days. So lets give him some slack, it's a big chapter coming out, dont expect it too soon. I for one would rather have a finished game at the end than Az burning out from being overworked. :-)


I agree, lets just give space and be greatful


Been a minute since I have seen/heard anything from this.  Still being worked on or can I add this to my ever growing list of good games gone vaporware?


No need to worry just check Az's patreon from time to time and you'll see updates there from time to time without needing to be a patreon.


SInce it has been 5 months since episode eight came out, stress or no stress, yes you can add it to that list of vaporware.

I'm hooked on your story. I also can't wait for you to release more episodes. Love ya work mate.



Hey , do you Reddit ? I subscribe on you for check new episodes 🙂

When is the next chapter gonna arrive?

What are the bonus 1 and 2 downloads?

Short animations like a single scene

GDrive link for Win/Linux no longer allows DL.


I can't seem to unlock "Emily first touch" in episode eight. Where can I go for a guide? Thanks.

you have to do the corrup rute but dont kiss her in the train

I really like the game and was wondering if there was a discord server for this game so I can keep up with the updates and if there is one where can I find it

I think it isn't one, but you could try to create one and maybe someone is interested on it too

Re: Halfway House EP8 Ma - google says "file is too big to scan for viruses, do you want to download anyway"  Clicking Download Anyway results in blank page and no download.  Please assist. 

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Is there by any means NTR in this game?.. I had this VN a while back but the MC looked like a rapist so i deleted the game lol.. Now I'm giving it another chance but only if there's no NTR in this mf

There is one attempted, but not by the MC


is it rape if everything is predetermined by quantum events therefore true consent is not even possible?

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Hey AZ great game played it a little while ago was waiting for the next update for awhile when is it coming?  It is well written and intriguing. Great character development.


IDK if I have commented on this game or not, but let me again exclaim my love for this game. Not only the characters are enjoyable to be around, but the story itself has been interesting. I know the pacing of the story is slow, but that's what I like about it. A lot of visual novel games I played seem to rush a bit too quick in certain situations and locations, are not fully develop the story there and it had been annoying for my part. It's not a bad thing to rush into the juicier part of the story, but you sometimes have to slow things down and experience the now moment. With this game, you can develop more character interactions and get more invested. Maybe that's just my opinion.  

Anyway, Emily is by far the wholesomest (is that a word?) character in all the VNs multiverse I played. It can't be helped since she's the best girl in the story. Ashley is alright and her whole anime arc was enjoyable. Samantha is okay too.

Again, love the game and I love your creative writing, Az. I don't know if there's a lot of people telling you this but let me be one of those people. I appreciate you Az.

I am hurt that you forgot about best boy Monroe and big bro Luis. For the rest, I totally agree


Google drive is giving the "too many people" error consider switching to mega or a different file host

Also, the Ashley scene is Episode 7 doesn't appear to exist anymore either. I have her Maxed out, but when I get to where it's supposed to be in Ep 7, there is no option or prompt for it. It just goes straight from the train, to dinner, to the scene with Samantha. And because that scene doesn't exist anymore, you lose Max with her and the end of this Episode.

i think what prompt it was the choice when you get to choose to lean left or right while waiting for the train. you're suppose to lean left if you want to get sexy scene with ashley

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I have been retrying the options over and over in the first Chapter, and can never Max out Emily's stats. It's either 7/10, 3/5 or 10/10, 2/5. There seems to be some options that don't appear anymore if you look at guides online. There is no option about fixing the door in the game, that I could find and that's what the guides seem to be referring to.

And because that option doesn't appear to be there anymore, it closes off all of the "point requirement" options with Emily later on in the game. You can't even get her to feed you in Chapter 2 when you're in the hospital.

For feeding her you need frendship full and for corruption full you need to be as slutty with her as possible


any idea when the next couple episodes are due out, really looking forward to seeing ashley and sam again for sure, especially ashley, hopefully the mc can have a love relationship with her. the sex is secondary for me, but the girls do look beautiful, seeing them being naughty with the mc is a bonus. thanks for all your hard work on this vn, one of the superior avn's out there. just wish the mc was not a retard and it would be perfect.


Well based off of how it has been I would not expect ep 9 until  Sept or Oct. I wish I was being a smart ass but not. Developer has always been upfront regarding priorities so just set back and watch for it.


It really is a shame how long it takes.... But at the same time nobody can complain. It's quality work done by one guy. He's a bro.


I agree 100 percent.  I  also  am a supporter of the developer.  It is funny type of hobby to have i guess. To be so good that people are willing to pay you to forgo your on principals, ha ha. So many burn up and never finish  some really good stories, that I am  just happy that here is one who found a way to balance life and hobby together, for all of us.


About a year ago or so, Az actually almost let the pressure of pushing out updates get the better of him. I and a couple others made sure to encourage him to keep doing it at his own pace, to ensure he makes it exactly how he's envisioned it, and not let the impatience of many get to him. Fortunately, that seemed to really be what he needed, as he clearly hasn't been anywhere close to that point again since.


And that is one of the best unknown reasons to have a supporters page, to get real support! When the creator truly embraces the base, they learn to grow and not just have a one way relationship. Great job.


thanks! ive got plenty of other vn's i am in the middle of, which i am really enjoying. I can happily wait without impatience for the next couple of updates, it cant be easy being the only making this vn and all that entails.


I've finally put in the time to start and finish Ep. VIII, as we'll as to go back and unlock every scene.

While the path of the story may flow in one direction no matter your choices, it's nice to see that little scenese here and there require CP FP or LP to unlock. It's a nice touch.

I just hope that some of the random characters return. Bigger-Boob Doctor, the two girls on the train, an encounter with Hollis missing a few teeth after "Monroe Kick!"... Naturally it'd be a lot of work to expand on new characters, but it would flesh out the story.

Oh, and the fact that there's more story than sex is completly fine. Character Development make you care about Characters. Knowing Ashley is a bitch makes you want to cum in her mouth. Knowing Emily is s super innocent sweetheart makes corrupting her that much more fun.

So.... 10/10 game. Can't wait for So. IX, but I'll wait as long as it takes.

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still needs the mc toning down quite a bit, really dislike the way he is, would also like to see sam and ashley become dating material but without the fall out that could possibly occur if ash was to find out he is dating sam etc.  feels like ashley is really into the mc at the end, so i really hope this continues to be honest, she is a lovely girl, and strong enough to put the mc in his place, which would help to tone the lunatic down

I can tell he's focusing on character development heavily still, meaning it will clearly get to a point where the MC will finally begin to calm down a bit mood/attitude wise, but I think we won't see that show up too much until likely another two or three episodes/chapters down the road, which for me, is a logical, fitting and thus good pace for that.

That said, I would like to say to me, I've already noticed a bit of that "toning down" you're referring to across all the characters, actually. It's subtle, and small little bits, but it's definitely present. And to me, again, that's just the right pacing to have for the toning down, specifically of the more intense characters like Ash & MC.

I really like ashley, maybe because i have just been following her story until the last chapter.I was wondering about her twin sister, I thought she would also end up a love interest of the mc.  I just wonder though in which direction this storyline is going to go with the mc. Right now it seems to be that he can hop from girl to girl, but i am wondering if this end up in a full harem, where they can all be together, like 3 some or 4 somes with girls and the mc, or will it be the case the mc can choose whichever he wants to be with depending on how much he has built up his relationship with. I never really liked emily so much, i am definitely more of a ashley and sam fan. It's just that it seems only to be set up relationship wise with emily only.  Will ashley and sam end up with needing the same things ie stat wise as emily?  She just seems like too much work to even bother with if you know what I mean. I really enjoy a good written vn, and its pace is kind of slow at times, which is fine if it fits with the story itself and he can keep the characters under control as i said previously with toning down and improving the way the characters behave and speak to each other, the main character I hope will move out of his manchild mentality, so many vn's suffer with creating a really poor mc. I love to be sucked into a story, but to do that requires immersion, and believable characters, right now the mc is far from believable at least for me.

I still have yet to figure out what choices I am missing that'd get me all of the scenes unlocked. I've got around 80%-90% of them all unlocked right now. That said, I haven't made any choices that I'd assume would get MC any strike points, nor be a choice that'd in my mind fuck up the other characters (say be a dumbass and trust in Hollis forgiving the ahole in example). So I assume that'd be where I gain the remaining scenes I am missing.

I believe, Helping hollis is better for samantha story in the future episodes not till 8 but further


dear AZ

   I'm a  fan form China.I gotta to say that halfway house is failured as a porn tooks me hours to finished all ep.I actually  done have sexy with any girl.the most porn sence maybe the naked body (is that really can be called porn game?)but it is successful as a normal slg game.we have a story  not too bad,and really nice characters,exactly Emily.I really love cute and tender.nowadays,most porn game just for story,no character.I think I like halfway house much more than other porn games.

    but maybe for it is not a reall  porn game.halfway house does not have a lots of I heard  that we don't have much support. 

   I feel  so sorry for can not supporting you,but I have to say that halfway house is a rally rally nice game,and I can't wait to play with ep9.

   please don't  just give it up.ᐕ)⁾⁾


any idea when ep9 will be out pls for pc? thanks!

Within the next two to three months, as that's the consistent average timeline between each update. So likely September or October. Then to get a picture of the timeline of how long between each update on average, just look at and note that Episode 8 came out on March 18th of this year. Mid/Late March to probably Mid-Late Sep or Oct, so around 6-9 months on average between updates.

When i download the file and try to install the apk it says "app not installed" someone knows sum? Im Android and i think i got the latest version of it if I'm not wrong

i get that massage from many apks but only if you dont have enoth space on you device

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