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Will bonus scenes eventually become public?

super in to sam, i love the new episode, i can't unlock the last sex scene mentioned in the walkthrough and i have every scene unlocked. what to do?

This being the first game of this type I've downloaded, I'm hooked. Doing an awesome job all around.

I love the story of this novel but it is the worse digital blue balls I have ever seen. 5 episodes and not one sex scene, not even a shot of a bare vagina. Just 2 semi BJ scenes and a couple sexy lingerie poses (and like 3 or 4 topless scenes). I'm telling ya, great game, but blue balls...

For some reason my google has an error every time it downloads. Are you willing to put the download on mega?

Theres some mega links on my Patreon. EP5 is open to the public there too.

When will EP 5 be released to the public?

It's out.

When will the next update be released?

hello how can i download the game ??

when i press the download putten i get a pdf ???? why is that i never had such a problem before and i download alot of games from this site 


you probably hit the button for the walk through instead of the actual game



I am seriously addicted to Samantha, it makes me want to sword art online myself. I know it sounds weird, but samantha is just tooooo good. She is perfection, pure love. Thanks for creating this game Az. 

I would love to see more of this game! I know it may seem hyperbole, but you focus on characters and building an awesome  narrative.


When is episode 5 releasing to the public? I remember him saying something about delays; is there any word on ETA?

I have all the scenes unlocked except for one, the samantha toilet trouble scene. Anyone know how to unlock it? I cant figure it out. I went through the entire walkthrough and it doesnt mention it at all.

During the toilet scene choose to grab him and punch his face instead of waiting for the right timing.


Dear Az, great game so far. I was wondering if you could use an extra hand with grammar, mechanics, and typos? I will gladly put the time in for free. I know you have someone helping already; however, please don't hesitate to message me if you're interested. I would donate money if I were able; but I am willing to devote my time to this project if you like? I think what you have so far is exceptional.

Is Ashley bj the only sex scene yet? 

I really enjoyed it can't wait for episode five hope it releases soon

When is episode 5 releasing

Could I get some help on how to get Ashley's corruption to 10/10 plz?

Ive played till episode 4 and except Masturbation nothing happened. How do I get to some action scene?

Great story, characters, and scenes. It's a bit cheesy and fanservice, but I think it's fitting for a story-driven porn game like this. Of course, what I like about it is that it's a lot more than a porn game, and you've actually put effort into the characters and events. It's also not awkwardly pervy like some I have come across here, it draws a fine line, and I hope you keep it that way. Really looking forward to the next episode!


Not gonna lie here, I had little to no hope for this game, but i was pleasantly surprised. I do think the male protagonist is a little weird looking but that's probably just me. Overall an interesting and fun game! Also, the women are really interesting!

How can get further episodes? I'm infatuated with Ashley. And after Cumming in her mouth, I wanna know if the Main Character can get to fuck her? And Emily is just too cute. Will there be more action with her and Samantha?

Depends on how far you've played. If its Ep3, you can get Ep4 by waiting a bit or by becoming a 10$+ patron. As for Ep5 it's still in development and has suffered some delays.

So when is Ep4 releasing?

In a week. End of the month.

So episode 4 for both android and PC will be out at the end of this month?

Bro how did you get Ashley to give you a blow job? I wanna know what options you chose. I didn't see any oral sex in the entire game

During the Dining table scene, when Emily asks about Ashley, tell her the truth. Ashley will confront you in the next morning. That's where there is an option to cum in her mouth.

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Great game and well written story and characters.  Also great character designs and models, top notch stuff! Can't wait for future updates to see how the story develops..


I think there must be something wrong EP3.
When Hollis asks you to forgive him, I chose "no", yet Monroe talked something about letting Hollis "go of the hook" and "forgiving him". 

Samantha is gorgeous to me, something sexy about her. She's not overly attractive or bimbofied. She's kinda just.. natural. Maybe that's why she's so hot to me.


Hey, just a heads up that when playing through Ep 3, when talking with Emily in the hospital, I get this message:

Hitting ignore seems to fix it, but just wanted to make you aware for future updates/versions.

Other than that, loving the gameplay and story so far!

Download and apply hotfix 4

Oof what a game man.....I loved emily ... she is so cuteeeeeeeee.... when ep4 coming out man ?

Glad you liked it. As for ep4, Oooff. I slipped the Patreon deadline for it so it's coming out a week/week and a half into October sometime. Moving forward after that, I've extended dev time from 30 days to 45 days per episode. Can't sustain a 30 day dev cycle without major compromises.

As always, the public release will lag an episode behind the Patreon release, so ep4 will get a public release when ep5 is out for Patrons.  


Looks 10/10, Story 10/10, Characters 11/10. Damn this is your first one? You got some talent, man^^ keep up the good hard work. I´ll be waiting 4 the next Ep. When will it be avaible here?

Ep3 will get a free release both here and on Patreon tomorrow. Ep4 will come out for Patrons a week or two into October. And yeah this is my first game (tho I do contract work for an outsourcing house for my regular job. So you've prolly seen my work on some  "real" games unknowingly). 

Oh okay i see ^^ Cool i´ll be waiting :P.

What 4real? sounds mysterious, i guess you can`t tell me more hm? :P i may have an idea tbh :D. See ya.


I've just finished Episode 3 and man! It was a blast! I've enjoyed every moment of it.

As for characters in the game all my praise goes to... ASHLEY!  I was under her spell throughout the game.  I was in love with her for  not only with her beauty but also for  with her rebellious, independent and confident as hell personality.  I was so ready to do whatever she asked of me.  The was one scene that she said that if I wanted to learn where the Samantha's tattoo was, I would have to be her errand boy.  Deep down inside me I screamed like: "YES! YES! PLEASE LET ME BE ASHLEY!"  :)

Unfortunately, without hearing any request (or should I say command?) from Ashley the Magnificent, the game has finished :(
I guess, I have to be 10 dollars Patreon for  the rest of it. I will be definitely.
Anyway, thank you for this game... But... Specially thank you for Ashley!

You don't have to. I mean I would appreciate you becoming a Patron. Making this thing takes a lot of work but even without paying anything you still get each episode. Just one month later... officially. But as you no doubt know, unofficially ep3 can be found if you look. Even though I haven't released it yet for free.

Thanks for liking the game.

Just finished the game, officer monroe best character in the game

Sounds like you played ep3. Naughty boy.

Ha, ha. Just kidding. Glad you liked him.

Any full on footjobs coming up?

Sure,  that kinda thing fits with one of the ladies...

How do you get  Emily to promise.

Clarify please. Are you trying to unlock as scene replay (if so what's the name of the scene)?

The scene where you go see emily at night just before you meet Luis. The Emily night scene. 

On you first meeting where you argue with her: Do not apologize. 

This will let you go to her room to apologize later at night.

Ok thanks

I enjoyed the dialogue, creative and funny.  Can't wait for the next update.

EP3 is out for Patrons, free version should be available when I release EP4 (Probably at the end of Sept) . And then so on and so forth with a free release each month.

Great game, can't wait for updates. 


How in the world did you manage a Ren'py game *without* Linux support?

By not having access to Linux to test it on. Now that I got testers it's supported in the next version


What gave you the idea you need dedicated "testers"

Linux is well supported by Ren'py, and even if you somehow managed to screw it up, somebody would tell you. And thats a big if, you'd have to be doing something really wrong there. Like not supporting it at all. Oh wait.

Sorry, not gonna release something I haven't even run once and then claim to support it. Now  that I know it will run I will support it. 


Thats a fancy way of saying "I don't know what i'm doing and i'm a terrible developer".

Ren'Py supports Linux. Python supports Linux. The only way Linux wouldn't run is if you were doing something seriously wrong, which apparently you are.

No other Ren'Py game has this problem except yours.


Bro he already said he's working on it, just wait for the next update

??? The game is in development. I'll add new things as I got along. Linux support being one of them. If you are interested in the game (thanks) and insist on Linux: It's coming. If you're not interested in the game.... then I don't know what all this is about?

No need really,  almost all linux distros run wine. I always just download the windows version and they always play flawlessly.  Install wine from your repository .  Download the game and click the exe and it'll start automatically. 

I loved it, as good as The Awakening, but into the story a lot, I will become a patron to get to play it early, but is there an specific tier to play it early or all of the tier get that access? Plus, do you have any social media, want to follow you closely

Thanks, glad you liked it. 

Day 0 access is the 10$ tier. You get the game straight from me at that support level. But I'll tell you straight up, you don't need to if all you want is to get the game early. There are other ways out there to get the game almost as soon as I release it. Just not straight from me.

As for social media. I got a Twitter account but don't really use it. Just gonna post release announcement there. But I'll setup a Discord server for my Patrons when ep3 is done, so I'll probably be in there everyday once setup.

I have to admit that I really enjoyed this game even that it is on Episodes. Thats actually making this game better. Although I would prefer some free choice... Something like I will choose if I want to go to kitchen or bathroom or outside but thats just what I would prefer. Can't wait for Episode 3.

Yeah, this game is more on the "kinetic" side of the visual novel spectrum. You more or less stuck with following the flow of the story. What choices are there mostly only affects how the other characters react to you.

Glad you enjoyed it anyway.


I recently started playing these kind of games and this has a better plotline than any other game I've seen. Can't wait for episode 3

Glad you enjoyed it. Ep3 coming late august for my Patrons. Will be available to everyone late september.

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